Thursday, April 1, 2010

Relax, James Callis Is Not Bald. far as I know.

Heh heh! OK, in my defense, it was already April Fool's in Finland when I posted that, and also I apparently got many people - most notably kixxa who just about had a heart attack. Relax, baby! :D I'm flattered that you guys think so much of my James-imitating skills - the "article" contained three quotes, so I pat myself in the back for making anyone think that was actually him. Do I know our man or what?

Just in case: if James should actually be bald in FF, I repeat my heartfelt NOOOOOOOOOO!

Other than that, happy April Fool's day everyone! :)

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Elina said...

IT's too bad you can't have a comment possibility for votes. I wanted to add that I voted for Gaius Baltar as my favourite character name because I LOVE how James pronounces Baltar with a British accent. =)