Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh James Why. :(

You know, I was actually feeling pretty good today... and then I found this:
"Callis goes bald for FlashForward". Sniff!! (There's no picture, so I can't say how bad it is.)

You know, I have been fearing this since that Galactica Quorum interview! We so should have made that petition that he not touch scissors for a year (Artemis_Neith's idea).

At least he knows we love it:

"I know my fans love the hair," says the hirsute actor. "But don't worry, girls - it grows back!"
"You know, I always wanted to know what it feels like to be bald," Callis says.
So how did it feel? "Cold."
Callis promises that the hair will be back by his Eureka role. "They pretty much insisted on it," he laughs.

Damn! I knew Dominic Monaghan was bald on the show, but James?

And I was so excited about this role! Oh well... at least we knew in beforehand so it won't be a big shock when we see him.


Wesoly said...

You sillyhead! :)

Deniselle said...

I got you though, right? ;)

Heh heh heh.... It was already April Fool's Day in Finland! I just couldn't resist it :D :D

I just hope he won't actually be bald for FF. I'd be really freaked out then.