Friday, March 12, 2010

James On FlashForward: Update!

Oo, exciting! Sonya Walger, who plays Olivia on FlashForward, tells us a little about James' role in this link.

There's this man who's had multiple flashforwards. So he becomes a big part of unlocking what's happened, both in global terms and in terms of Olivia.

Ee, so exciting! I'm so glad they will have scenes together, because I love Sonya Walger.

In fact, it sounds like it could be one of the most important characters yet, so he will probably have scenes with all of the main cast. This could go anywhere at this point - hero? Villain? Mysterious stranger of unidentified role?

Something more here - they're obviously being very tight-lipped, but his character's name is Gabriel McDow. His scenes are being filmed now.

ETA: Crave Online reports that Gabriel is a "quirky scientist" who comes to Olivia for help.

We know the sort of psychological damage that comes from having just one flash-forward, what kind of problems - mental and otherwise - might emerge when you've had several.

That's really interesting. It also sounds like it might be a fun character, depending on what kind of "quirky". It doesn't sound like anything at all like a typical villain character. Great!

How could someone have multiple flash forwards? I'm really intrigued now.


kixxa said...

I hope we'll have our tv's up and running in time (in UK) to catch James on FlashForward!



Wesoly said...

Hmph, some interviews.

The most pertinent question about Callis' character is obviously: WHAT WILL HIS HAIR LOOK LIKE FOR THIS ROLE?

Seriously, what a bunch of amateurs.


Deniselle said...

I know, right?

Also: does the character have a donut belly? All they had to do was describe him as a "pudgy" gentleman.. Well, I guess that would be a little too much to ask. ;)