Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Thoughts o' the Week

I'm always dubious to call anything "weekly", because I probably won't end up writing every week and it looks silly. But let's just say these are random thoughts of this week, regardless if the thoughts ever come back or if they rush out into the darkness never to return.

Small personal update: I'm a bit more depressed lately, but having my meds adjusted and getting more therapy, so hopefully I'll have more energy for this blog and the LJ rewatch community soon. I feel like my writing is sub-par for now, but maybe that's just the depression talking. I'll be reporting on the news as soon as I see them, either way. If I sound lacklustre, it's because of my brain chemistry, not because I've lost interest in James.

A reader asked about James' glasses. I have no idea, but there's a thread at the Unofficial Website on the topic. Apparently it would be a Ray Ban model that someone identified. Read more here. It's interesting that his glasses fascinate people. Maybe also try having his hairdo (the long one)? Chicks dig that.

Still no con bookings for this year. Shooting Eureka in Vancouver, James is probably just too busy and not where the cons are. But who knows, maybe he'll be joining something on a shorter notice? I'll keep you posted. Looks like I won't be able to go to any con this year, judging by my finances, but it's always nice to hear about other people's experiences. Honestly, it is. I'm not envious AT ALL that you people get to talk to James and hug him and all that. (Grr.)

FlashForward: turns out we're only two weeks behind the US, and Revelation Zero, part 1 aired yesterday. Whoa! I'm going to see James soon, no doubt! I'm very excited about that - except that the pace of the show is still sssslllllooooowwww. I enjoy the premise and am still excited James will be on this show, but jesus. It may be an ABC thing, because I think the same is true of Lost. I didn't watch it when it first aired, partially because it's so painfully slow. Now, on DVD, I'm hooked on it, but only if I fast forward a lot of the scenes. There are characters I really care about, and characters I don't care about at all, and all of their back stories are expanded, so it's slow going. I have a feeling I'll love FF on DVD, but for now, we only have the slow-paced episodes. I just hope James will have some killer dialogue and great scenes that won't feel like watching paint dry. (Well, at least watching him and his subtle expressions is still interesting, no matter what's in the scene.)

Poll-wise, people seem pretty unanimous that they will watch James' episodes only, if a show he appears on is not something they'd otherwise watch. In fact, 100 % voted for that. I must admit I did peek at Eureka season one, but felt no need to watch the entire show, because it's apparently more of a sitcom type thing, not really a story with a plot you must follow. So I'm one of the "just watch his episodes" fans. You don't have to be a fan of the show to enjoy James' episodes. I hope.

I was looking through the archives, and looks like I have an anniversary coming up - one year of obsessing over James+donuts! I expected it to go away but, um, it hasn't really. It's been a juicy year. Mmmmm, donut gut. (L)!

A softer side of James. All cuddly and sweet. Plus: Tricia. I'm not sure which one turns me on more. *drool*

Speaking of James' physique - some people apparently felt uncomfortable with the James' body poll, so I've removed it. Let me know if I sound annoyingly objectifying or disrespectful or whatever. I probably wouldn't enjoy a poll asking ppl if they prefer me muscular, chubby or skinny, and maybe James wouldn't feel very good about it either. Sorry, James. It wasn't a serious thing for me. I love you just as you are (and also chubbier).

It's becoming harder and harder to google anything James-related, because there is a shocking amount of spam. I don't get it. Is it because people are googling James so much right now? Or because some spambots are creating spam based on your search? "James Callis shirtless" amuses me, but the day it turns up "james callis donut porn james callis donut eating contest james callis donut gut james dunkin donuts" type stuff, I will freak out. And can I just, once again, frown upon the "james callis alexander siddig" crap. People, they look nothing alike. Nothing at all. I do not see the resemblance, and I've spent a fair amount of time staring at James Callis pictures. I have nothing against Mr Siddig, but every time his face turns up in a James search, I get a bit annoyed with him. I wonder if Siddig fans feel the same way about James, coming to think of it.

That's about it for now. More James news hopefully soon.


pixellle said...

re the James Callis/Alexander Siddig thing:

Yes, speaking as a Sid fan, I am very annoyed by this, as well. And of course, you're absolutely right -- they really don't look alike at all, and I can never understand why people say they do.

Maybe it's the accent, or that they both played a doctor in a SF series, but that's a pretty slim connection. And Gaius Balter and Julian Bashir, as characters, share no traits in common beyond being physicians.

I used to try to tag the Callis photos which showed up on a Siddig search as incorrect, but I've given up.

Deniselle said...

You know, I'm so glad to hear a Siddig fan say that. I bet it's only non-fans who make this connection - people who have never spent time actually staring at James or Sid.

I'm not really familiar with Siddig's work at all, but seeing his pictures, he doesn't seem to have any similar traits really.

(Did you find my blog with a Siddig search?)

Deniselle said...

..I really hope it's not just the accent. I think Ricky Gervais has a remarkably similar accent to James, but I've never heard anyone claim they look alike, thank god.

pixellle said...

Yes, Deniselle, I did find your blog with a Siddig search -- actually, an auto-alert search through either yahoo or google; I get both.

I've been a Sid fan for a few years now, but I just watched Battlestar Gallacta within the past six months, and that was my first exposure to James... aside from the false search results. Hope you don't mind my jumping in.

If I wanted to see James in something else, what do you recommend?

Sid is probably best known for his Star Trek: Deep Space Nine role, but he's been in Syriana, 24, Merlin, Spooks, and others. His most recent is in a Canadian film about to be released in the US, called Cairo Time. It's his first romantic lead. His earliest was "Lawrence After Arabia." He's very cute there, with Ralph Fiennes.

BTW, I think James looks much cuter as himself than he did as Gaius...

Anyway, great blog!

Deniselle said...

No no, it's just amusing that you came here thru a Sid search :D New readers are always welcome!

What would I recommend? Hmmmm. He hasn't really done a lot of ... Actually, my favorites are BBC's "Sex Chips and Rock'n'Roll" and "Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Going Wrong", but they may not be widely available. "Bridget Jones' Diary" IS available, but it's a very small role he has in that, so it's not representative.

He's um, going to appear in FlashForward soon... :D And Eureka. That's actually his biggest appearances besides BSG. Oh, also: he did an episode of Numb3rs last year, and while he looked horrible in the wig and beard, he was really good in that role, I thought.

Deniselle said...

Yes, I also think James looks cuter as himself :D I think they went out of their way to make Baltar look ratty sometimes (esp season 3) to emphasize his mental state or whatever. (Actually the beard was James' choice and he even wanted to go BALD for season 4, so I question his judgement in these matters :D)

Oh, Sid was in a Merlin production? James also did a SyFy channel Merlin. Maybe that's part of what confuses people...