Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pondering on FlashForward

So we got the news of James joining ABC's Flash Forward about a week ago. No comments from James yet, nor any news about his role, but I'll keep you posted. I just wanted to write a bit more about this, because this has been all over the net, and I realize there are many sites that wrote a longer post than I did. So to keep up with my good track record of wordiness, I'm going to discuss my reactions a bit more.

One reason I got so excited about this is that I watch this show. I'm familiar with its characters, and when James appears, I'll know what the ramifications of his character are. FF is a show with story arcs, not one-off episodes, so it'll be interesting to see how his character develops and what his arc is like. The only problem is, of course, that FF has had some trouble getting started and may in fact be cancelled before season two.

I'm both amused and happy about the number of people saying "Damn, now I have to start watching FlashForward". It bodes negatively on the show, but very well on James. It's like he has arrived - people not only know who he is, but will watch a show for him. Even a show they'd already abandoned. That's amazing. I do hope he helps FF get back on its feet, because it's a show I very much want to like, and not just because of him. I love the premise to bits, and my main disappointment has been that the show progresses too slowly, and I have a hard time identifying with the characters. Maybe because there are too many characters to really build them up in such a short time.

Another reason all of this is so cool is that... Shall I confess to this? Hmm. I never know when I cross the line and completely make a fool of myself with the fangirl stuff, but here goes: I've often thought of how cool it would be, if there was a real blackout... if my flash forward included James. Because that would mean that he'd also see me in his. Like, I flashforward to six months from now, and I'm meeting him at a con. And he'll know who I am now, what I look like, and what I think of him, because of the flash forward. Since flash forwards are so memorable, he'd always remember me. *gush* *blush*

I'm not sure what that says about me (maybe that I'm way too focused on having contact with James?), but after fantasizing about this, him being on the show is almost surreal to me. It's like someone asked me what shows I want to see James in, and my wish will come true.

In case someone up there is listening, just for future reference: I wanna see James on In Treatment. And The Office. And True Blood. (provided that I like it, haven't seen it yet) And anything by Charlie Kaufman or David Lynch. Please??
Edit: And Mad Men! How could I forget about Mad Men? He'd be so good for that one.

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