Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Pursuit Delange - Video Clip!

Hey, they actually finished Meet Pursuit Delange! And there's a video clip here on imdb!

The blurb about the movie reads:

It is definitely not a wonderful life for Pursuit Delange. What do you do when it is the week before Christmas, you're penniless, have just been fired from your job, are in love with the wong girl and your saviour is a sociopath. Meet Pursuit Delange - a short film about the last great art form - failure.

So his name is Pursuit Delange? That's a really strange name, the strangest he ever played. (He's done some pretty regular-named characters before - Tom, Charles, Gabriel, etc. It's only Gaius who was odder.) Sounds like the movie is dealing with similar themes to Beginner's Luck. Is it strange that James is so drawn to films about failure, when he himself is a success? Maybe all actors start out being failures of some kind, feeling like this will never go anywhere, so this is something very relatable to them.

James described the film last year at the Evening with James Callis panel:

It was a comedy and it was very risqué, very very risqué. So risqué that the pilot possibly won't be made, but now, people are interested perhaps in a movie that will be less risqué. Do you understand risqué? Essentially risqué is rude.. I think, essentially, rude or crude, or both. I play this guy who was a wannabe, he wanted to be involved in the media in some way. And he's very naïve and a bit... sweet, like a nice guy, sweet, but he gets... he meets up with an old school friend who never was actually his friend at school. And the old school friend is really mean, really nasty. So it's like a duo between myself who was like Bambi and my friend who was like Satan. (laughter) It was very funny to do.

Heee! It really looks like that from the video. The "friend" is talking, saying crude stuff and being generally offensive, and James is like shrinking in his seat, very insecure and mellow, like a nice guy who's very impressionable.

Based on that clip? I love it. I'm not a huge fan of "shocking for the shake of being shocking", but I think Pursuit's naïveté sort of balances it and brings it back around to "shocking meets sweet and innocent". That works really well. Looking forward to seeing the full thing!


Elina said...

Don't think I've seen him do this kind of comedy before.. not sure what I think of his acting on that clip, it'll probably make sense in the context of the whole film.

Robyn E. Kenealy said...

I think I will watch this film. As previously mentioned, I was not not a fan of 'Beginner's Luck' (double negative FTW) and this seems to be in a not dissimilar vein (what is it with the double negs today?) Watching that clip, all I could hear was Steve Coogan's voice saying "give it to me straight, Tony. Have I got a second series?"

There's something about self hate that is just so frakking relatable.

Deniselle said...

Elina: I'd say very low key, like he's the straight man here and the friend is the funny/crude one. Works well in that clip but not sure where they're going with it - it was so crude they weren't going to make it at all, so.. :D

Robyn: Yeah, I also thought of Beginner's Luck! It seems to be the British way to make movies about failure. It's not necessarily a bad thing, although I was not not not a fan of BL. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear James Callis Fans,
I saw this blog online and thought I'd let you know that Meet Pursuit Delange starring James will be screened at the Raindance Film Festival (Thursday 7th October - at the Apollo - quite appropirate - given his BSG connection - Cinema London on Thursday 7th Oct at 4.30pm)'s the link...,6279,0,0,1,0

He is quite brilliant in this film - and it is very funny.

You can also see more clips of him and the official trailer - at - which is now live - the trailer goes live this week. We're planning a movie version of this 25 min film and are in talks with financiers now.

Howard - by the way - I am the director!

Deniselle said...

Thank you so much for the info! :)

I hope you don't mind but I made a separate post of your notice, since this is on page 2 and I doubt many ppl will come here.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this! Some fans may even be able to attend the screening.

Anonymous said...

Dear All...
The official trailer is now live on the website and there is also a new YouTube channel for fans to see outtakes and new clips.

We will be posting a new trailer there soon.

Here's the link...

From Howard Webster - Director Meet Pursuit Delange

Deniselle said...

I have added your new comment to the post on top, so that more people see it. The Youtube channel is great! :) I love seeing all these outtakes. I'm loving your dialogue so far, it's got me laughing out loud.

And umm. I respect your artistic integrity and all that but that is the most disgusting trailers I have ever seen. Sorry. :D I'm just glad it's not James doing the... condom-stuffing.

I'm not a prude! Seriously I'm not. (I think if I were straight I wouldn't find men's bums so disturbing.)

Anonymous said...

As promised - an update on Meet Pursuit Delange for James Callis fans.

The official movie trailer (no men's bums in this one so you can take your fingers away from your eyes) is now online - here's the link...

Howard Webster

Deniselle said...

LOL! Thank you very much Mr Webster! ;)

I see I was way ahead of you and already embedded this video from Youtube today - added your note here:

I must say I do much prefer this trailer. :D