Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New James Callis Post!

James has posted at the Unofficial website! Read the post here (it's spelled lazarus, lol.)

James asked that people NOT reproduce the post elsewhere, so I won't quote anything this time.

He took down his tweets today - not sure if he's taking down the entire account - and discusses that in the post, among other things. Other news: he's in India, and while there, had his appendix removed. Apparently he's been in a lot of pain. Poor James. (L) And the appendicitis also caused some belly distention during Eureka shootings. Um, now I feel a bit bad for all the gushing. But he did look good.

Read more at the link! It's long and lovely. :)


Elina said...

Only James Callis can make appendicitis look good :D

Deniselle said...

I know. Sexiest stomach distention ever!!! :D