Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Testcast 3: Learning to Do This Thing

So the first "actual" James Callis-related podcast is here. It's audio, because I can't make my video camera work properly. And you know, I don't have a lot to say, but it was fun to babble a bit. Am I making it sound really lame and like sth you wouldn't want to download? No, seriously, do download it. I'm really very interesting. It's a necessary companion to this blog.

I'll get back to you on the podcasting later once I have more to talk about.

Includes a few snippets of this column at pursuitdelange.com.


Robyn E. Kenealy said...

I'm so hooked on your Finnish voice! I want that accent so badly :(

Deniselle said...


What's my accent like then? British? American? European?

English a la Finnish-style? :D