Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Vaguely James Callis-Related Podcast.

I made a podcast!!! Look how pretty! *beams with pride*

OK, so the quality sucks, and the sound is not quite in sync, which is both Youtube and my webcam. And I didn't really have much to say, which is why this is just a testcast. I may do more podcasts later. Maybe. It'd be fun to make a review podcast of something he's in, so maybe I will do that in the future? Or maybe - James puppet show, with Jameses of various sizes and ages fighting for the mastery of the universe. The possibilities are endless!

I'm surprised at that expression I make, closing my eyes. I didn't realize I was making it. It looks a bit like James' touched eye-closing look, which is fitting.

1 comment:

Elina said...

You look so cute!!!! You're well suited for this kind of thing, definitely. :P Now all you need is actual content... ;)

Osku could be a guest star?!