Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sorta-Kinda-News? Maybe???

James is being his usual tight-lipped self, tweeting something about opening windows and closing doors. (Which, if I can read him at all, means he's working on something big. But who knows?) Here's something interesting: someone who works for WB had spotted James at the lot a few days ago!

Julie_Gray: Holy FAN MOMENT: Just ran into and spoke with Gaius Baltar here on the Lot! James Callis - IMDb

Geez that sounds kinda promising, doesn't it?!!! At this point, I don't really care what it is - movie, tv show, reality tv, whatever. He needs to be seen by the big public again. I kinda love when he does British indies, because that's his roots and it's sweet that he wants to work at that still. But I really want to see him on my TV again. Or even - gasp - at the cinema. I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know of any developments I can find. Be prepared to wait another six months for any concrete news, though.

Meanwhile, America is premiering in San José, California on the 10th of March! If James is in LA, he might conceivably be at the premiere.

Also, for those googling "James Callis penis", just do a "James Callis" blogsearch and you'll run into this:

Just found are many new naked leaked videos & leaked photos captured of the young sportsman James Callis. James is currently a British actor. James has an incredibly massive penis shown in a selection of leaked pics! ...

Wow. "Incredibly massive", you say? That's great for him. But um, are we really talking about the same guy?  "Young sportsman"? He's not old, but as sportsmen go, wouldn't he be retired by now? And did he ever actually DO any sports? I'm not going to click on this link, because it reeks of "this link may harm your computer", but if anyone else is curios enough to test it, please let me know what you found.*Obligatory giggle at the mention of his penis.*

Edit: Yeah, apparently there's nothing about James on that site, other than a truncated biography. What a disappointment! Every time I open my heart! I'm beginning to think we will never see his incredibly massive penis. (Hee, hee.)


Elina said...

It's surely important to have a massive penis... :D

You're really good at digging up the tiniest pieces of information.

Nicole Anell said...

LMAO, that has to be some kind of spam. How is someone "currently a British actor"?

Deniselle said...

Elina: Well, I only use Google search, so it's not exactly a huge effort. (Although I do enlist FBi in belly comparisons sometimes just to make sure...;))

I wonder if the spam was created because people were searching for "James Callis penis".

Nicole: he's a former young sportsman - and currently a British actor? :D