Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holy Frakking Casting News, Batman. (About James Callis.)

(Sometimes the weaknesses of Google search cramp my titling style. The thing is, Google will not find this post unless I say James Callis in the title so...)

It's been quiet for a while, but yesterday we suddenly got TWO casting news in one day. Awesome!

Firstly the officially announced one: James will play jewel thief Dodger in Arrow. Here's the link from TV Guide, and here you can see the character. It's interesting when you have a visual idea, instead of just a description of what the character is like. I'm slightly dismayed to find that it's a long-haired British character. (Not that I object to long hair!!) Many people consider Baltar a villain, so a long-haired (dodgy!) villain in a sci fi/comics thing, well,  slightly smells of typecasting. However, seeing the quote - "Big fan of your wars, and the telly" - gave me a joyful feeling. I can hear James say it, and I'm loving it. This might be just the role for him, with his comedic timing. Sadly it's one episode only, but hopefully an unforgettable performance! This show will air in January.

Secondly, this is not on the imdb page of the movie or any other official source, but so far two actors on Twitter have expressed their joy of working with James. So it's out there: James will be in  British movie Dreck, a thriller about a near future dystopia where all recreational drugs are legal. The trailer certainly looks interesting. James posted a picture of himself on set with a rather.. different look. O.o Umm.. Eh.. It's n-not that I have anything against James aging, but I'm rather stunned by this. I think it's because when I imagine James older, I imagine this smiling, warm-eyed, perhaps round-cheeked man with lots of flowy white hair. This is some business tycoon hardass with a piercing look in his eyes and oddly silvery hair. He looks downright dangerous! This may give us some idea as to the character in the film.

I've lost the majority of yesterday's tweets in a sea of today's news about Arrow; Twitter is a great source for quick news, but terrible for repetition. So I can't say who it was who lauded James as an actor. Some guy affiliated with Dreck. Good stuff either way.

So, lots to look forward to in the coming year! :)

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