Monday, December 10, 2012

James Callis Will Be at Sci-Fi Expo (Dallas) 2013!

Yeehaw! (Is that right for Texas? I feel like such a phoney.)

James Callis has been announced as a guest for next year's Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas, Texas! (Hey, Dallas Texas, James Callis, it all ends with S's! Fitting.) The con will take place on February 9-10. The other announced BSG guests are Tricia Helfer (eeeee OTP gush), Edward James Olmos, and Sam Witwer.

And on this happy occasion, allow me to say that I wish they used some picture other than that one with the oily hair and the haunting/haunted look at the camera from 200-frakking-5. I don't think it does his handsomeness justice.

The con's page is here. More news/photos/gushery as it draws closer.

..Draws, or lassoes..? OK, I promise, no more jokes pertaining to the location of the con.

PS. I shot JR.

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