Monday, May 6, 2013

James Callis on CSI, Part 1: The Mustache, Always with the Mustache.

So we have pictures of James' CSI episode! And.. for frak's sake, is he ever going to play a non-mustachioed character again? He just tweeted a picture of himself on the set of the new BBC thing, and - mustache again. (Otherwise though - mrrowr!) He had a mustache for Austenland too. It's like "Oh James Callis? Let's slap on a mustache!"

OK, I'm sorry. I will try to withhold any mustachioed comments from here on out. I think my problem is that my Dad has a mustache, and he's decidedly unsexy to me and I don't want to associate James with him. At least James isn't fat or bald, so there's some difference between them.

Other than the facial hair, we have very nice hair and an all-around dapper look in a suit. James will play reporter John Merchiston, who comes to dig up dirt at the CSI, but also has his own secret. Also, he apparently gets to talk to Ozzy Osbourne! Worlds colliding. The photos also feature Ted Danson, which is another worlds colliding. When James plays opposite someone I've seen in other things, I always feel like it's so surreal and exciting. I know they all exist in the same universe, but still.

The episode will air on Wednesday May 15, and it's called "Skin in the Game".

Merchiston. Merchant, Merchandise.. That is the most complicated name he's had since Pursuit Delange.

I'm not a fan of the CSI franchise, but anything with a lot of James is bound to be entertaining, and unlike Arrow, this looks like he will have a fairly large role. We'll see!

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