Tuesday, May 14, 2013

James Callis on Dreck: Behind the Scenes Video!

I've been meaning to write about Dreck, which is a British indie film project collecting donations on Kickstarter. Basically, they've filmed what they can in small bits when they gathered enough money, and now the filming is done. James plays a central role as the ominous-looking Todd Ambro.

Here's a video where we see a bit of Ambro, and James is interviewed about the role. He says the script is "brilliant" and that this is a movie you'll want to see more than once. Sounds exciting!

And Ambro is hella scary. The difference between the warm, amicable James talking in the interview and the stone-faced man whose face barely moves when he talks - I'm getting chills down my spine. We also see clips of James talking to the director, you can't hear what he says but he obviously has a lot of enthusiasm and passion.

The film is about a dystopian future where drugs have become legal. Ambro's parents were addicts, and he wants to "change the face of addiction", but is the world truly safer with legal drugs? It sounds like an intriguing film. They will be introducing it in Cannes and hopefully it will garner some interest. I'm already pretty stoked to see this, so I hope there will be some way.

You can donate to the project in the link. I sure would if I had the money.

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