Monday, August 24, 2009

James Callis iPhone App!

So - there's a new iPhone app for James Callis fans! It sounds exciting in theory:

"There has never been a better way to get accurate, in depth news about James Callis. From the beach, to the stage, to the big screen and back to the night club. It's all here with SupaFan. Download the latest video news about your star."

Wow. Um... sorry for being skeptic, but what news could there possibly be that you can't google?

I'll give you all the exciting news scoops of James Callis for this YEAR so far:
-James Callis was at MegaCon!
-James Callis appeared in Merlin and the Book of Beasts!
-James Callis appeared in Numb3rs!
-James Callis was at FedCon!
-James Callis filmed Re-Uniting the Rubins!
-James Callis had a baby girl!*
-James Callis was at Comic Con!
-James Callis will be at An Evening With James Callis!

I've been excited over a couple of these news items, but not enough to pay iPhone for them, because seriously, you can just google all of this. And also I don't have an iPhone. I wonder if James does. Maybe he could get this app for himself and find out the latest news. :D

* = Awwwww, Anika! (L)

I should make my own app. Find out the latest news on James Callis, as brought to you by the biggest stalker evah!
-Photos of James and his family! Updated twice a day, if they don't catch me! Blueprints of his apartment(s) and daily routines of his children. Don't miss an opportunity to "accidentally" bump into him in the streets of London - LocationTracker (tm) app will help you find him at any time!

-Is he microscopically bigger or microscopically smaller? Tired of squinting at his belly in pictures? PhotoScale (tm) will show you his weight changes down to the gram/ounce! No more guessing!

-How many cigarettes has our favorite chimney smoked today? Find out through the SmokeScreen (tm) app! It will show you not only the number of cigarettes, but also when his nicotine levels start to sink and he needs to have another ciggy! Smoke in the same pace if you're so inclined - cosmic!

-Wanna eat the exact same meals James does? Now it's possible! FeedMe (tm) app will show you exactly what James has been eating and when! Maybe there will be donuts today?

Download SuperStalker (tm) - be the biggest James Callis fan evah!

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