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Random Googlebits, Part Cinq

So, the con reports are dying out and I'm left here with quick fingers and search terms up to my neck, but nothing left to find. It's always a slightly sad feeling. So methinks it's time to have another random googlebits post. I know I've posted a lot of brief and random stuff lately, so I guess I'm just not ready yet for a huge transcript post. I'm also working on those, though, so I think they'll be making a comeback soon.

You may have noticed I've changed my subtitle. I make no apologies for being a fangirl, so it seems suitable. I might even add a banner. When I started out, it was all very basic and I was worried about copyrights, but I'm more eager to try new stuff now. Almost a year of blogging! :)

On to the googlebits then!

If you wish to see some of my screencaps of the beautiful Last Days of BSG video, head here to kixxa's blog. Basically, I was too lazy to remove the player and borders from the picture, but I might use some of these later as illustrations. I just thought they'd look lovely at kixxa's place, and they do. Dennys Ilic sure can take a James photo.

Speaking of Dennys Ilic and James photos - a must see here. I don't even know what to say about that one, so I'll just quote kixxa: Oh, my giddy aunt!

I'm not really sure what event this post is about, but it's pretty cute. It's about James at some... thing in Manchester in 2006. Apparently Aaron and Sam had an impersonation of him that he hadn't yet seen, and:

I told him to talk to Aaron about attending G2 in August, because he just has to be there to show us all his impersonation of Aaron. To which he replied, "I can show you that now." - he then proceeded to collapse in a drunken stupor.
Hee! :D For a moment, I thought James was actually so drunk he collapsed trying to imitate Aaron. I bet those guys had fun times together. It would be fun to see them interacting more at cons, but it doesn't look like they're going to the same ones lately. I miss seeing the BSG cast together. I wonder if I'll feel the same about the cast of another show, if James gets a permanent role somewhere else.

A brief clip from The Last Frakkin Special. Sniff! BSG is over!

This is one of my favorite James autographs: James Callis loves toasters. If I had that shirt, I would wear it every day. And I love how James plays with the rhyminess of his names.

A hilarious story from the 2006 Dragon*Con, found here at the TWOP thread:

So I try to politely ask for them to leave their drinks behind. Tamoh's sweet and polite and just decides to chug what's left in his cup and he hands it to me. I had to wave down Aaron and pantomime the 'give me the cup' request. Meanwhile James goes to a plant (fake) and begins to pour the drink. I try to politely stop him without being rude, "Um..I can take that and throw it away for you... hey, let me get that..." and finally to stop him I sorta snap "JAMES! The CUP! HAND IT TO ME. I WILL THROW IT AWAY!" He blinks and smiles at me and hands me the cup completely good natured and I'm mortified because I just snapped at James Callis. The crew bops away and I'm thinking 'oh my god, I'm totally my mother.'
Heee! :D It's like drunk, drunker, and drunkest. I'm so surprised James would be that drunk. Surprised and, I dare say, horrified. Here I thought he was an absolutist! *shakes head*

A couple of random photos:

Taken at least year's Dragon*Con panel. Sexy professor James sitting down. Gush!

Lego Six and Baltar. Heee! I love the huge boobs and the lack of cheeks on Baltar. Pretty good!

The BSG hunks. It's kind of something for everyone, isn't it? Different drools for different folks; I'm drooling over James and Aaron.

All intense. And kind of donutty. Taken at a 2007 con. Slurp!

Phonebooth Galactica. I remember James writing that this campaign ran in London just as he was away in Canada or India, and he never got to see it live. It looks pretty awesome though. I've noticed lately that whenever there's a blonde woman and a man kissing on a show, I expect it to be Six and Baltar, and have to mentally correct myself. This also happens with ads and music videos. Should I be worried?

The 4.5 DVD's are out for lucky Americans, and there are lots of extended scenes added in. Nicole_Anell has written about them at her journal. A few comments below, obviously SPOILERS for those who haven't seen season 4.

Islanded in a Stream of Stars extended:

Paulla talks to Baltar about how they'll be moving their cult headquarters off Galactica soon and a bunch of different ships are willing to take them. Which leads to a HeadSix conversation about how he has more power now than he did when he was president; when Galactica's gone he'll have more than Adama. He is completely uninterested and mopey about it.

And then HeadSix says, "She's not the one." And Gaius says, "She's the only one." EEEEE SHIP!!! Why did they cut this? I just can't believe... Well, see below where I rant about the cut scenes.

Daybreak extended:
Apparently there's a random teenage boy whom Baltar teaches about life (saying basically that you can never have enough fame, women or money. Hee!).

(2) So the scene about Caprica-Six putting his dad in a home is altered a bit, because HELLO RANDOM TEENAGER is actually there with Six -- he let her into the house. (I prefer the edited-down version, 'cause you just assume she broke in. Hee.) So there's a bit of time wasted getting Calvin out of the way before they get into the important part of the scene, and I'm not crazy about it even though Baltar admonishing the kid is kind of funny. ("Don't think I'm not going to tell your mum about this. Total abuse of my respect!")
Hee! It sounds funny, but I grudgingly admit... not altogether essential for the finale. I'm eager to see it because it's more JAMES, but it's about the first time a cut Baltar scene sounds a little... well... unnecessary. I mean, the deleted scenes on all DVD's are full of extra-long scenes of Adama and Lee talking, Adama and Laura talking, Adama and Tigh talking, Kara and Lee talking. I can usually see why they've been cut for length. But the Baltar/Six scenes have almost always been gold and I've been gritting my teeth at whoever's in charge for cutting them. This also applies to that above bit from Islanded, which really would have added something to the Baltar/Six saga.

So what happened here? I suppose the reason I'm not as excited about this scene is that it's not more of Baltar/Six, just more Baltar, with some random new character we've never seen before. I tend to think it's a bad idea to introduce someone new in the finale. That said, I'll probably love the scenes because it's Gaius Frakkin' Baltar. And he's the motherfrakking shit.

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