Tuesday, August 11, 2009

James Callis on Angels, Part 2

An adorable interview here.

James is asked if HeadBaltar was really an angel, and he doesn't really know what to say. he thinks for a moment about a simile:

"Where can I get a drink?" and someone says, "Hey, don't ask me, I just work here." That's kind of how I feel about your questions. I just read the lines, I'm not necessarily sure."

He sounds like he might have a thought but doesn't want to say anything definite, since Ron chose to keep it open. I remember back in 2006, he said he thinks HeadSix and HeadBaltar are real, but they're in a different dimension, sort of like a physics thing. I wonder if he still thinks that or if the finale changed it.

Asked if people ask him this a lot:

"They really do. And I'm like, ring Ron! (laughs) He'll sort it out for you. I can't possibly comment."
I doubt you can get a straight answer out of Ron, but if James refuses to comment, let's let a veil of mystery surround HeadBaltar forever, I guess. I am curious if he actually has a theory though, one that could possibly be squeezed out of him if he were drunk enough. Hmmm.

The interviewer, off camera, asks James what "angelic ability" he would have if he were an angel. That's kind of a weird thing to ask, because if I may nitpick, angels are messengers of God, not superheroes with powers. But I'm glad he asked, because James' answer is just the softest and cuddliest thing ever:
"Make people feel warm and happy and love each other. Something like that. Isn't that pathetic?"
He giggles nervously, like he thinks he gave a really stupid answer, when the opposite is true. The interviewer utters a delighted "Awesome", and I totally agree.

James? You already have that ability. You do make people feel warm and happy. Thank you for that. *hug*


kixxa said...

Just a big happy grin.


Nicole Anell said...

Awww! I loved his angel power answer (weird question!) and the way he was kind of embarrassed of how corny/cuddly he is.

I thought what he was saying in the first question was "ring Ron" -- like call him on the phone and ask him? I might've heard wrong though!

Deniselle said...

I know, he's such a sweetie! *squeezes him hard*

Hmm, what did I write? "Bring Ron"? That doesn't make a lot of sense :D I've been sick for a week, my head's full of snot. :D

And I wrote "goes" for "says" too. Oh well. Edited!