Monday, August 31, 2009

Less Than Two Weeks til "An Evening With James Callis"...

And I'm not nervous at all as you can see in the picture...

So just to reiterate: I will NOT be going, but I'm getting James' autograph via Pedda at Carpica City. This is the printout I want autographed:

It's in terrible shape, but that's only because it's the same printout I've been staring at all spring when I was depressed. I had it on the bedside table. On the days when I was almost too tired to get out of bed, I used to look at it and feel a bit better.

It's suffered some damage, esp this panel where James looks a bit Mexican:

That's Cola that spilled on the other side :D Fitting! Um, it's not TOO ratty to send out, right? As long as I explain why this particular printout is significant?

And that's an old Finnish envelope, I had one more left... Just a little note for him to read. I hope it's not too long and way too much because I'm also sending him Naughty Gaius is a Nymphomaniac Narcissist (500+ pages!)

Just to make the autograph a bit more personal, I will ask him to sign it to my real name. And draw a dog for me. I hope he will. You can see my own doggie-style (heh heh) drawings in the envelope there. (The elf is not drawn by me, sadly.)

So I'll be reporting more next week (!!!). I'll be calm and mature about this. It's just a name on paper. It will go fine.

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