Thursday, September 3, 2009

8 Days Til "An Evening With James Callis"

Great art was bound today as Elina helped me with my book for James. The one and only copy of Naughty Gaius is a Nymphomaniac Narcissist will be leaving for Germany tomorrow or Monday the latest (if I can't get my arse out of bed in time).

The reason it's that way around is... well, it was printed that way so it wouldn't fit vertically :P I thought of doing the book backwards like Hebrew books are, kinda fitting with the Jewish theme, but the pretty bows Elina made wouldn't be on the front then. She brought the yarn and punched the holes with my scissors, after we discovered that my old hole-puncher has a rust issue. I glued some pages, Elina glued some others, and the glue, as she can testify, was very clumpy and difficult to use. The result is... endearing... I'm sure he's gotten some self-made gifts from his kids, so it's similar. It's the thought that counts!

This book was bound with love by two fangirls. We also prayed to Jamus over it and sent our thoughts. The content is all mine, but I like the fact that there was some Lupine cooperation used in making the actual book.

We also had a deep and meaningful discussion about many things, including the BSG actors' names - Tahmoh's is the most original, but Callis is easy to remember - and James' very attractive blend of fat and muscle (belly and arms, respectively). If you want to donate to the Jamus religion - especially for James worshippers - you can do so. And really, you probably should.

PS. I have rejected a comment. Just in case there really is a Susan who reads my blog and will keep reading it very often, I apologize. You can re-post your comment without the poker link and it'll get through. Otherwise, nice try, spambot.

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