Thursday, September 24, 2009

James Callis on Fan Mail

A new post from James! :) This is especially to people who have written him fan mail and have yet to receive a response. Posted today in the Unofficial website forum, I'm reproduding the whole thing with webmaster Janine's permission.

Fan mail
Sep 24, 2009 - 3:38PM

Dear All,

Just dropping a line,

- because it has come to my notice that there are several people - who have written to me for an autograph in the last 12 months - whom I haven't replied to...

There's a simple reason - I have several addresses and am rarely in one place for more than a few months.

So people send a request to my managers and then they send it on to my home address - where I have a redirection order to wherever I maybe currently -

this means that in practice I receive the mail at least 6 months after it has been originally sent...

people who wrote me last year have the added fun of having their mail sent from l.a to canada (where we shot BSG) then back from canada to L.A - onto London and if I wasn't in London then it gets sent back to L.A and either gets sent on again or awaits me there

If it sounds convoluted - it is!

I can only apologize to the many people who are still waiting (I'm sure they're not trawling this site in hope of an answer- but this is the only way really I can get that message out).

I promise if I receive it I will reply - it just takes a long while and whoever is waiting will have to have the patience of a whole hoard of saints!

Otherwise in Blightey but briefly and am off stateside pretty shortly for a while... having just moved house again and arrived back from India a few weeks ago

All good my end with one of the three kids guaranteeing that neither Neha or I sleep through the night...but you know we wouldn't have it any other way

Otherwise I wish you all well

and send love and hugs


james xxx

Ever the sweet guy, James sounds genuinely sorry he hasn't been able to respond to everyone. I hope the message goes out to the people who have written him.

Blightey=UK, I guess? :D James' life always sounds so stressful. I don't know how he does it, but it sounds very intriguing that he's going to the States - perhaps we'll hear about a new US show or movie soon? The sleepless nights are just one of the reasons I'm never having children - but I imagine he's also very happy in a way I don't understand. (Neha is his wife, to those who don't know.)

The smilie in the end is very endearing. Maybe he's excited to talk to us and it makes him all gleeful.

(And lots of dashes, especially in the first paragraphs! ;) Our dashing man!)

Love and hugs right back at ya, James! :*

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kixxa said...

Such a gorgeous and dare I say it - dashing letter! And I can't help laughing at the twirling smiley face that you copied across.

Hmmm *she muses* almost makes me wish I'd sent james a letter, but I come from the school of 'try-not-to-bug my idols'.

Smiley face!!