Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poll Post

OK, I added a poll to the sidebar. I'd be interested in seeing what you guys want to see in this blog.

-You can select multiple answers.
-You should be able to vote even if you're not registered/logged in to Blogger. (Let me know if you can't and I'll look into it.)

-If you want to see something not in the list, please elaborate in comments on this post. I'll try to fulfil your wishes (within reason!)

-Children's book parodies refers to something like this.

-Fan ponderings: personal posts about being a fan (there will always be some of this in the transcripts and link posts, so it's not a big loss if you guys don't want to see separate pondering posts).

If no one votes, things will remain exactly as they are. Scary prospect, huh? So vote!


Anonymous said...

More donuts!!! Deep analysis of his weight gains over the years. And more about his chest hair. (like every post)

(just testing if anonymous poll voting/commenting works)

Nicole Anell said...

But seriously, why was there no option for chest hair?

Deniselle said...

:D :D

Because I can't imagine mentioning them even MORE... I'm pretty sure they come up at least once in every longer post (and in some shorter ones as well).

But do I have any posts about JUST his chest hair? Hmm. Maybe I should do a chest hair picspam sometime.