Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cartoon Jamesing

Um, does this look like James to you guys? :D You can make a cartoon James yourselves at the South Park character generator if it doesn't. I think I got something like his likeness. The outfit is like the leather jacket he has sometimes, or the vest he has other times. The cheeks look right. I'm not really sure about the rest. I didn't know how to link straight to it, so I made this poor crop job.

I also made one with the Simpsons generator, but I must say it looks terrible, horrible and nothing at all like James. The generator somehow isn't as varied, especially when it comes to hair (why do the characters always look like they're balding?!)

Then again, there is already a very cute Gaius/Six Simpsons picture here. I'm not sure if they got Six right - they almost never seem to - but I like the lewd Gaius who's always just about to take his clothes off. And it does look quite a bit like James. So maybe I'll settle for that.

(Edit: Somehow the ending seems a bit abrupt, but I can't really explain WHY I decided to cartoonize James tonight... I just turned thirty, so maybe that's why. It makes you do odd things!)

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