Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Deep Post. Because I'm Not Shallow.

I just have to post something so that the bum post isn't on top. Because, you know, Elina already referred to this as my "bum blog". :D

Honestly, I'm not a shallow person! This blog is about James Callis and what an awesome actor and person he is, not about his body parts. And if it were about body parts, I should always give the biggest attention to the donut gut (where applicable!), because it doesn't get enough attention otherwise. But this post is not about that! This post is deep and profound.

Here's something deep: James posed for a "Lisa Walks" photo, found here (scroll down). If you donate 20 bucks, you can get a print of the photo. The money goes to breast cancer research. I really like the compassionate look on his face and the fact that he holds the bear to his chest. (L)!!! Very thoughtful. Great photo for a great cause. There was also an auction with the bear he had signed (and held to his chest, drool) but sadly, the auction is already completed.

Did I manage to drool again? Oh dear. Hmmm. *Googles "James Callis"+profound*

OK, let's see, the show cast relates their most profound memories...

After filming the miniseries, Callis was asked to stay in Vancouver to finish a final shot called a pickup. He got an envelope with instructions on what they'd be shooting. "I open it up. It's like, 'Baltar removes Six's plastic knickers.' And I'm like, 'What?' They're like, 'We didn't get it on the day, James.' And I'm like, 'You are kidding me?' They're like, 'No.' 'That's why I'm staying back in Vancouver? I've got to take black plastic knickers off.' 'Yes, we need it. We need the shot.' That was just terribly funny, the idea that out of this whole space opera and drama that was the one shot they needed of us," laughs Callis. 'They didn't need our faces. ... That is a cute little memory I will hold."

You're not helping, James!! Since when is that profound? I know he doesn't mention the donut gut but that's exactly where my mind went. Also I wish he had mentioned it, because I want to hear how he'd describe it... Sigh.

Completely unrelated to his looks! The results of the nickname poll.

0 (0%)
1 (14%)
1 (14%)
3 (42%)
Just James
2 (28%)

Looks like his full name is James Gengulphus Callis. I must admit I voted for Gengulphus, even if I don't really think he has a middle name. He must be middle-name-less, because he even tells us his children's names. Why would he hide his own middle name?

I actually had a dream about him being credited as "James H. Callis" or "James Callis H." in some older things (Soldier Soldier?) and I was really excited to get to guess on his middle name. (I guessed Henry, and conveniently remembered his grandfather was named that.. this is true only in the dream.)

Sadly, I thought of the best option after I posted the poll: James Travis Callis. Almost the same as his last name, and always a fun name. Travis! (L) Maybe James should change his name to Travis, coming to think of it. Then I could laugh each time I hear his name.

Well, here's something non-shallow: a hot picture of James. There's a comment that lists his good sides:
1) nice; 2) personable; 3) thoughtful; 4) funny; 5) sweet; and 6) h-o-t hot. smouldering smoking hot in person. way way way hotter than on the show.
Awww. (L) I may have linked to this on the dragon con 2008 post, but that was ages ago, so re-linkage FTW! (Also: suspenders.)

As a deep and profound person, it annoys me that there are so many of these "guys" lists online. I stumble upon them with every search. Basically, you're supposed to bold the ones you'd shag, strikethrough the ones you'd never touch, etc. etc. and almost everyone uses the question mark with James, as in they've never heard of him. So it's a completely useless mention of his name that comes up in every search. I might be more lenient towards it if he was mentioned as someone people want to shag. But now, I pronounce this list a complete spacewaster. For shame!

I think this post adequately showcases my depth and coresponding lack of shallowness. Mission accomplished.


Elina said...

Hmm.. I think you should develop the coherence of your posts a bit further. A friendly tip. :) Nothing spells profound as a coherent whole!

It's so hard to think of a nice, profound topic about James. There's something crooked about that fact. Is my attraction to him so shallow? I think I have to say that my more profound interests lie in Gaius' complex character, not so much in anything particular about James, so maybe that could be something you could post about?

Deniselle said...

I have a track record of abandoning blogs when they take too much work. If I tried to make every post coherent and thought out, I'd stop blogging here. So I try to make completely silly and random posts once in a while to show myself it's not all so serious. Or maybe it's just the way my mind works. :P

I think it's because we don't know James personally. Trying to write about his personality feels silly, because I could be proven wrong any time with any of my "facts". It's usually easier to write about a character, because we know his whole life, down to his inner dialouges with HeadSix.

That said, I discuss Gaius in the LJ community every week, so I don't have a lot left for the blog. Maybe cross-post some stuff?