Wednesday, November 11, 2009

James Callis Unofficial Website Update!

The Unofficial Website has been updated! See the new page here.

Read ALL of James' messages to the fan site at "Messages From James", including last and this year's. He's been sending messages since 1999, and has kept it up despite his children and new busier life (BSG, traveling to LA/India/Canada/you name it). It feels surprising and delightful that he still remembers us (if I can say "us" because I've only been around for a year).

The website has been around for ten years now. James' little group of fans has expanded and it's more all over the world now. When the site started, it was only a couple of dedicated UK fans though. Much respect to Rikkie, Janine and Pip and others who have been around for ages and worked to bring James news to fans!

To those who will be in London in December: there will be a 10-year reunion for the site on the 11th of December in Central London (more info later, check the site). I won't be able to go, but Janine was especially hoping to see some new faces there, so don't be shy! They should be a friendly bunch (or so they say...I haven't met any of them offline though, so don't quote me on that, LOL).

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