Sunday, January 17, 2010

Epiphanies: A picspam

This post was meant to be in the LiveJournal community BSG_Journeyhome, which is a Gaius/Six centric rewatch community. (Do join if you're interested! We're at around the end of season 2.) However, LiveJournal is refusing to post my pictures, so I will attend to it here instead. For those of you who aren't rewatching, hope you still enjoy the expressions of James and Tricia. Brilliant acting, great episode.

Laura Roslin is on her death bed and has decided, as a final wish, that the cylon/human foetus - later known as Hera - be aborted.
Gaius Baltar pleads against this with his usual poise:

Adama: "Put yourself together!"

Gaius makes his very grown up face:
Adama tells him he has to be president soon, and you can tell the penny's dropped:

HeadSix chooses this moment to reappear. (Someone had a theory about HeadSix appearing when Gaius feels insecure, vulnerable, or guilty. Her disappearance since Gina showed up might speak for that theory.)

"*I* have been away? Bitch, please."

Reaching your hand to HeadSix: not a good idea.
Gaius flashes a confident smile to show he's totally on top here, even if Six is gripping his hand. And walking him like a dog.

"What's wrong you, you jealous of me and Gina?"

"Jealous?! I'm not 'jealous' of you and Cheap-copy-who-doesn't-hold-a-candle-to-me. I'm here to tell you to protect our child! Which now is synonymous with the cylon/human foetus."

"Oh, that. Um, well, Roslin decided to kill it so..."

Gaius: [the usual self-serving babble]

"Our baby's in danger. You'd better do something about it."

The extras are dropping their monocles! How shocking that Vice President Gaius Baltar should act nuts in the hallways.

"Um, boy this tie is itchy... Just adjusting it a bit..."

Feeling comfortable in the president's seat, Gaius?

Gaius gives a presidential "Hullo?"

Also: Billy gives Gaius president Roslin's letter, to be read in the event of her death. Dun dun!

And time to visit an old friend:

Gina isn't recognized as a cylon agent, because she has a ponytail and glasses. This even makes her laugh.

Awkward. Gaius, you idiot! Didn't you realize she wasn't ready to kiss you?

Gina asks him to join the terrorists. He's horrified she should have something other in mind than gratitude sex with him:

And so Baltar discovers the miraculous effects of cylon fetal blood. "I know you're not a man of science, Admiral, so please let me know if my chart is a little too complicated..."

Cottle: "I don't like what you're doing. They never used to do this in the good old days."
Gaius: "I don't care, I'm on mad scientist mode now. Whee! Experimentation!"

Roslin has a vision or memory of seeing Gaius and Six. Then she wakes up, all healed:

Laura: "T-t-rr-raitor.."
Gaius: "Savior? No, although I did just save your life, ahem. Just rest now. Shh."

Smug, and for once he kinda has a reason to be. But Six wants to talk about serious stuff.

"Do you love her?"

What better way to distract Six than reading the letter to President Baltar, even if Laura didn't technically end up dying...

"Dear President Baltar,
Congratulations! You're president now. Too bad you're such a selfish prick. Please learn to be a better person. No offense, just trying to help you here.
Laura R. xx"

"I just gave my nuclear warhead to the terrorist! How do you like them apples, Laura? I'm totally the bigger person now."

"A nuclear warhead?! Aww, Gaius, you shouldn't have!"


Elina said...

:D :D :D this is so funny!!!! Like a comic, you should definitely make more of them! I don't like LJ because I can't comment easily, besides it's LJ and it sucks...

Elina said...

Oh and I forgot to mention - I've missed this kinky hairstyle so much!