Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Founders Day" James Callis Picspam

OK, I have to post more of these, because he looks so good and there are such great expressions. So just - plain old picspam with no text. Eureka season 4, episode 1 "Founders' Day", James Callis as Dr Trevor Grant. Copyrights gleefully infringed!

Most of the episode happens a) in the past and b) at night, so it's quite sepia and dark. I hope the next episode is mostly in present time so we get a bit more color in.

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Nicole Anell said...

Totally random but I finally watched "Going Wrong" from Netflix. Not a great miniseries but it was actually pretty good. I actually ended up feeling really sorry for his character. :((

Also I was amused for about the first ten minutes that his character's name was Guy and it sounded like Gaius a couple of times. And then I got over it, but right toward the end my dad walked in and noticed it too. :D "...Did she just call him Gaius?"