Saturday, July 10, 2010

James Callis on Eureka: I'm So Excited And I Just Can't Hide It

(Well, when can I ever?) It was AWESOME! Oh yes, there will be spoilers.
And yes, all of the pictures are sepia tinted, because that's how they shot the 1947 scenes. Sorry if they're a bit dark.

And I mean, the whole episode was good. It was funny. It was exciting. It was entertaining, it was not drawn out or boring or overly sappy. I actually enjoyed watching Eureka. I even liked Colin Ferguson. He actually has good comic timing - maybe I should cut him some slack.

James was just... wow. I'm so proud of his American accent, because it wasn't great at first, and he's really stepped it up a few notches. He sounds natural, it doesn't interfere with his performance, it still sounds like him but it also sounds like an American person. That's great work. (Some people think it was terrible, but whatever. I declare it good. It's official!) Also, I hope he continues to call Carter "sport", because that's just hilarious. Carter is understandably annoyed, which I like. There wasn't a lot of friction between them just yet, but I'm sure there will be in future episodes.

I'm still confused about the name. Apparently he's now Dr Trevor Grant, after all. But the Eureka Writers blog said Charles Grant, and we had a clip of him saying "I'm Dr Charles Grant". So we'll see! Maybe he's going to use the name Charles now that he's stuck in the future? Or maybe he's got split personality? Or he's duplicated? Anything is possible on Eureka.

James plays a physicist who worked with Albert Einstein to build the town of Eureka! He comes from 1947. After the regular cast gets stuck in that year, he helps them get back, and gets accidentally drawn with them into 2010. Since he is the founder of the city, it feels natural that he gets a pivotal role in the episode; it's not too "*gasp* It's James Callis from Battlestar Galactica!!!" Jack doesn't realize what happened at first, and thinks it's just some modern guy in a suit. Grant seems to think he's nuts at this point, and possibly dangerous. He is an unauthorised visitor in a military area.

Carter: "Sorry, I thought you were Henry Deacon."
Grant: "No, I'm Doctor Trevor Grant."
Carter: "Nice to meet you, Trevor. Nice suit!"
Grant: (chilly) "I prefer Doctor Grant."
:D :D Their whole discussion is just brilliant. Also, I love how people keep commenting on the suit because I can't stop thinking about it. It's so perfect and well-made and looks just right for him. (Of course, it probably was made just for him by the costume people, so it makes sense.)
(Is that a scar on James' lip, or some kind of wrinkle from smoking a lot? That's interesting. I keep getting sidetracked with his physique, but it doesn't stop me from admiring his performance.)

So what's Grant like? He's a good guy, used to being the leader, he has authority and is quite suave with the ladies - or at least with Allison. I really enjoyed their scenes together. Some great chemistry between James and Salli Richardson-Whitfield. Also: as we've already seen, he dresses really well. I'm almost ready to say that 1947 James Callis is the hottest James EVER. But we'll see what's coming.

"Why is it that a woman of your... [stares at her butt for a moment] SKILLS... is still only a nurse?"

Also, he smokes a LOT. I enjoyed this aspect very much. In the olden days, everybody smoked, it wasn't frowned upon or a health scare thing. I love that he smoked in almost every scene and that it wasn't an issue. Of course, in 2010 it might become an issue, but we'll see.

He did get to smile! Both smugly - and seductively - and out of excitement!

Did they really set up a satellite before the world knew about it?
"Yes we did - and it wasn't even that hard."

It's strange how these pictures remind me of YoungJames performances. He still looks young, even if he's not as skinny, and I think he's only gotten hotter over the years. Maybe I'm reminded of YoungJames because he did some army stuff - Soldier, Soldier and In the Heat of the Sun - with similar short hair. Well, no, it was much shorter then. Here it's just... short yet fabulous.

I especially liked this smile. Boyishly excited. (L)!

The regular cast show up in Eureka when it was still a military camp, so they're mistaken for spies. Grant is very suspicious at first, but becomes excited when he realizes they're from the future. You can tell he has some scientific curiosity about it. He even helps them get back into their own time. His behavior becomes a lot more laid back and sympathetic.

:D This is, like, one of the patented James faces (tm). Look at him! :D

Excited that they're from 2010. It's a bit surreal to see James together with this cast, like worlds are colliding. It's an interesting feeling.

Some people are going on about how it's "another doctor", or "another scientist", just like Gaius Baltar arrrghh. That is really the only similarity, so yes, let's focus on that aspect. *eye-roll* But I was delighted to see some people tweet that James made them forget Gaius Baltar, and that they forgot he was putting on an accent. While I can't really forget it's James, I definitely forgot to listen for the accent at times.

And now a moment only I have been waiting for: tummy outline pictures! Eeeee! I can see it and it's glorious! *beams*

Hee! This one really came out like "ROARR, I'm the king of the jungle!" while the others hide from his power. He's actually trying to hide Carter and Henry and is shouting at a soldier outside...

He has his hand on it! That is even hotter! I bet it feels soft. *gush*

Also, Salli is totally cute in her nurse's uniform. Somehow James always looks even hotter with a hot girl by his side. (See also: Tricia.)

OK, I'll try to keep the tummy comments to a minimum but really, it's just beautiful. I am happy.


Nicole Anell said...

Loved him! Surprisingly enjoyed the show. :) And I'm going to see him at Comic Con, squeeee.

Deniselle said...

OMG, you lucky bastard! :D :D I expect a full report on the panel then. ;) Did you hear if he's doing autographs/photos at all this year?

Yes, I'm really surprised I liked the show, we'll see if this was a one-time fluke or a sign of things to come. Either way, James rules! :)

Deniselle said...

Do you reckon you'll get up to ask some questions? Maybe we should brainstorm on some good ones.

Actually I'd be curious about his take on the FF role but maybe that's not a good idea if it's a Eureka panel.

Nicole Anell said...

I may be able to ask a question, we'll see. I've never done CC before so I don't know how long the lines are. It may just be better to do it in the autograph line IF he's there. (I still don't know if he's doing pics/autographs.)

He also might be at the BSG panel on Thursday ("special guests" usually means they'll try to get other cast members if they're at the con for other stuff) but I don't have a ticket for Thursday! Booooo.