Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gaius Baltar Minus Head Six

Has everybody seen Garfield Minus Garfield? It's pretty brilliant, taking the annoying punchlines and dialogue out makes Garfield kinda... depressing. Yet sorta GOOD. Jon Arbuckle is totally depressed and delusional. And as such, both funny and relatable.

Here's the latest thing from the lovely and talented Robyn E. Kenealy: GAIUS BALTAR MINUS HEAD SIX. Now of course, Baltar is already funny AND depressing, yet this somehow manages to be hilarious. Maybe it's the thinking pose and the fact that, well, whatever facet of Gaius' life you bring into it, he's been a pretty colossal failure. It's depressing yet funny! Why so?

The photos are snaggable, and she also sent me the template. The options are endless! (I may try one myself once I get my Paint to make proper text on photos... Or get a better program.)

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