Friday, September 3, 2010

BSG Secret

The LJ community Twelvecolonies hosted a BSG secrets contest. Here's my entry, which came third in "funniest" :) It's Caprica Six to Gaius Baltar, of course.

I know it looks kinda crappy - I need a scanner or tablet, and I should have cropped it - but I'm proud of it. I won't link because it's members only, but I can be public about my entry now. It was fun to make this.

I may want to make some other visual things with James/Baltar theme. Maybe. I've never done visual stuff before, so it's encouraging to place the first time. So yay for me! And thanks to the voters :)


Elina said...

BEfore I read the text, I thought that image portrayed something else... um..naughtier..

But hey, maybe she was always facing Gaius and you can only see the glow from behind? :P Must be it.

Deniselle said...

yees, maybe so..

Um, what did you think it portrayed? :D

Robyn E. Kenealy said...

You know, I always wondered this too. I know she was awesome at jumping on top of him in such a manner that he might not get a chance to look at her back, but I remember thinking "Seriously? Seriously you NEVER did it from behind?" Because.... well, I'll be frank here: doing it from behind is pretty much the bomb as regards heterosexual sex.

Oh, and this:

Not done by me but by the author of this blog:

Elina said...

Robyn, I think Gaius was just so in luurrve with Caprica that he always wanted to see her face ;) or not... he just kept his eyes closed? :D

Deniselle said...

Robyn: LOL!! :D well, yes, I didn't go quite that far with it. For a moment there, I thought she meant taking a dump by "taking care of business". :P

Robyn E. Kenealy said...

@Elina: Yes, that makes sense.

Though I'll admit my mind first went to the sadder reading, to writ: Gaius is selfish, and Caprica's awesome spy programming also includes all of the worst shit about trad. feminine roles.

Doggy style frakking, for example, is more about positive stimulation of my bits than my husband's
(why I am I telling you this in a public forum? Exhibitionism?) Ergo, intent in her duties as strategic seductress, I can see why Caprica might choose to forgo this pleasure (by not insisting on it) in order to better serve her mission.

But, as D. wryly observes with her card, she'd probably still resent him for not asking.

I like your explanation much better, though, because it's nicer.