Monday, September 13, 2010

James Callis Secrets?

I've been perusing the fandom secrets community on LJ. And I got an idea.

Would you like to share James Callis related secrets?

Secrets can be
-personal feelings of him / how he affected your life
-other things you wish you could tell him
-criticisms of his acting/behavior/looks
-sexual preferences that feel awkwardly personal
-things about his fandom that delight/irk you
-um, I guess that includes anonymous critique of this blog.. *cowers* No, seriously, you can be honest.

Oh, and obviously it can be just Gaius/Grant/Gabriel/etc. related. (Wow, he played many characters beginning with G!)

The format can be
-anonymous comments on this post
-images posted on tinypic, photobucket, etc. (JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG only, maximum size 8 MB)
* you can post the url in the comments of this post. I'll also make a Livejournal post where you can post it.
* screenshots posted on this blog are all up for grabs if you need material.

I will not edit/comment on the entries.
I may or may not submit some of my own. But I'm leaving that open.

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