Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet Pursuit Delange - A Note from the Director!

I got this in the comments, but I'm going to make its own post because it's very cool. Thank you so much for the info, Howard! :) It sounds like a fun, different project and I'm looking forward to seeing it!

I won't be able to see it, but are there any fans here who will be? I'd love to publish a fan review/report of the film!

EDIT: Another message from Howard Webster! I'm adding it here since the other post is on page 2..

"Dear All...
The official trailer is now live on the website and there is also a new YouTube channel for fans to see outtakes and new clips.

We will be posting a new trailer there soon.

Here's the link...

From Howard Webster - Director Meet Pursuit Delange"

"Dear James Callis Fans,
I saw this blog online and thought I'd let you know that Meet Pursuit Delange starring James will be screened at the Raindance Film Festival (Thursday 7th October - at the Apollo - quite appropirate - given his BSG connection - Cinema London on Thursday 7th Oct at 4.30pm)'s the link...,6279,0,0,1,0

He is quite brilliant in this film - and it is very funny.

You can also see more clips of him and the official trailer - at - which is now live - the trailer goes live this week. We're planning a movie version of this 25 min film and are in talks with financiers now.

Howard - by the way - I am the director!"


Wesoly said...

EEeee! Thanks, Howard! How nice of you to do this!

Will there be any chance that us non-Londoners will get to see the film?

Thanks a bunch! :)


Nicole Anell said...

Yaaay, thanks for the info! I watched the IMDB clip, looks funny. :D

Anonymous said...

The first reviews are coming in for Meet Pursuit Delange - it was screened publicly for the first time yesterday. I've posted the first here...


Deniselle said...

Oh, great! I haven't really found much yet, so maybe I won't make another post, but will rather link on the Twitter and in the sidebar.

How did everything go? Was Mr James in attendance?

Um, do you mind terribly if it leaks online and I watch it? I'm very, very curious.