Monday, September 13, 2010

James Callis Secrets.. Revealed

Sunday secrets:

This is the end of Sunday updates. Just FYI. (I forget what day it was when I last updated.)

Reminder: You can send secrets by posting comments in this entry. The comments are screened; only I will see them until they're up here. Tinypic or photobucket works for images.

Tuesday secrets:

"I don't think Edward J. Olmos and Jamie Bamber can act. Secret because they're your friends."

"I'm glad you deleted your first tweets. The angry ones made you sound like a jerk, and by deleting them you showed you're not. Oddly, that makes me admire you more than if you never tweeted that stuff."

Monday secrets:

Text only:

"James, its no secret that you should not have made Merlin and The Book of Beasts-really bad..."

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