Thursday, April 23, 2009

James Callis on Numb3rs, Part 1

(Parts 2 etc. will follow when I've seen the episode.)

How to make James Callis look unattractive? Still two days ago, I would have said: impossible.

But apparently not so, as the Numb3rs pictures have him in an obvious black wig and beard that covers his entire frakking face! Argh.

The picture and more info on the character here:

“He played an incredible character. An incredibly scary, Charles Manson, eat-you-alive type psycho,” says Alimi Ballard (Agent Sinclair).

Wow. Some people are saying he's been typecast after the "villainous" Gaius Baltar, but that sounds nothing like Gaius. Gaius has empathy and guilt, and besides, he's a coward. If you met him in a dark alley, he'd run and hide from you, even if you were a little girl. This sounds a lot more like Haman in One Night With the King, who was a genocidal maniac. But he was a sexy genocidal maniac, so somehow it's more OK, even if the role was pretty black and white and they had him talk in a weird throaty voice.

Another picture here. It looks odd to see James restrained by the police. And he really does look mad in that photo!

And the character's name is Mason Duryea. What a name. We get it, THIS MAN IS A BAD MAN. PLEASE HATE HIM BEFORE YOU'VE EVEN SEEN THE EPISODE.

I do like Numb3rs, which is an unusually intelligent cop show, and will hopefully like the episode. But I'm a bit bugged that James has to play such a heinous role. I hope it's not all black and white. If he looked his usual hot self, I wouldn't mind so much. I actually have Don't Mess With My Man playing in my head right now.


Elina said...

What, did you not see those cute puppy eyes? Maybe you should get new glasses. ;) No matter how hard he tries, he can never hide those soulful eyes that irresistibly draw you in...

I was surprised that you call Numbers an intelligent show. I watched the pilot and the math geek character was so stereotypical and the plot so predictable that I judged it immediately as rubbish. Maybe I should try again some time, if I can get past that character's awful hair. :p

Deniselle said...

You're right, we've got puppy eyes, and chest hair besides. :D He looks more mad and scary in the second picture where he's being restrained by the police - I think he's in character there, and in between takes in the puppy eyes picture.

I watched a couple of episodes and I was impressed. Cop shows are formulaic and boring to me mostly, but I liked the math stuff, it seemed a bit original. On the other hand, I don't know anything about math, so I might not be the best person to estimate that. I thought it was vastly more interesting than something like CSI though, since there was something a bit different there.

So far, James' character doesn't sound very interesting, but I hope there are some shades of grey at least.