Monday, April 6, 2009

So Say We All - A Thank You From Fans!

A while back, I posted about a fan thank you book, but I have deleted that post, because I don't want to keep posts that only have a brief purpose. I hate finding Google results for "James will be at XX con in September 2005" etc. They clutter the searches. Seriously, take down old posts that no longer have any purpose. Sorry, I digress.

The book is finally done and online! So exciting. This is a project that Grant Gould of the Battlestar Blog started a few months back. The book has been printed out for the cast and crew, and should be in their hands by now. There's some info on it and a download link here.

It's a massive PDF file of 172 pages, and it took a while to load, but well worth it. My message for James is on page 56. Eeee! It feels weird to see it in print. For those who can't or won't download the file, I'll be vain enough to reproduce my bit here:

James Callis - You made Gaius Baltar the wonderful, complex, relatable character he is. The intellect, humor and warmth you brought to the role are the same qualities that made me your fan. You're an artistic genius, but above all, a genuinely kind person with an appreciation of life and other people. You make me want to be a better, warmer person. Thank you for your kindness.

*blush gush fangirl-eyes*

So James has a book in his house with writing by ME in it. *faints* Yes, there are some brief bits from other people too, but it's totally the Book of James, by Deniselle. I might get over my attack of Gaius-like narcissism in a bit and read some other entries too. I saw at least M and Nicole's messages there, and there may be other familiar names once I have time to browse through it more.

Or I might just re-read my own bit over and over, obsessing over how I should have reworded it/written more, like I did when I first submitted it. If you wonder why I wasn't wordier, it's because I worried it might not be printed if it's too long. I did feel a certain degree of panic, knowing James will certainly see it (he might read the blog, but I can never be sure). But it feels really good that I dared submit my text. I'm a documented part of the fandom!

And a huge THANK YOU to Grant Gould. There are hundreds of messages, so I can only imagine how hard you worked on this. It really looks great and I'm so glad to be a part of this. You are awesome!

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