Thursday, April 30, 2009

Merlin and the Book of Beasts on May 30th!

Brook Durham, the screenwriter of the movie Merlin and the Book of Beasts, has emailed me to let me know that the TV movie is scheduled to be aired on Sci Fi (or SyFy) on May 30th.

The Sci Fi site has a picture of James looking very intense indeed in the Merlin garb, on this page. (It's currently under the "7" link, but that seems to vary. Flash required.)

I will have no chance to watch this movie for now, but I am open to a guest post if any US fans wish to write a review. I am quite curious about this film.

I don't really have any other new info so far, so I refer to my earlier post on the movie.


Elina said...

That's cool, you get personal updates on James! He looks great as Merlin. I like the beard style. Very Obi-Wan. Whom I'm very fond of as well.

Deniselle said...

Yeah, I was kinda honored! I'm obviously considered a resource! :)

I'm getting lots of searches for the movie, so it's nice to provide some more info. And yes, he looks totally fierce! I'm usually not a fan of the beard, but there's something cool about that... sauva? he's holding.