Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two New James Projects/ Daybreak II Picspam

Looks like our boy has been busy lately! Two new projects to report.

Firstly: James is going to appear in the season finale of Numb3rs! I'm kinda excited about this! Numb3rs is a good show and this will give James visibility in the US. Plus this show actually airs in Finland, so I'm going to be able to watch and tape it. Maybe I'll even buy the DVD box just for that episode. We'll see.

News courtesy of Ask Ausiello:

Question: How about some scoop on the most underrated show on TV: Numb3rs. --Jeffrey
How's this for some fraktastic guest casting: The May 15 season finale will feature Battlestar Galactica's James Callis and Everwood's Sarah Drew! Callis will play a charismatic sociopath who is suspected of abducting Amita. Drew co-stars as one of his followers.
Hmm, it sounds a bit like Gaius, with the followers. But not so much, since I don't consider Gaius a sociopath. I wonder if he'll be another British villain or try out his American accent? Either way, I am happy.

And another new project:
Scoop on a British film James is doing, called Re-Uniting the Rubins:

The next film is up! I will be down in London for about 10 weeks on a new film, a low budget (but still about £1M) comedy that the producer Jonathon hopes if we get right it could be the UK version of Little Miss Sunshine.
Ah! This sounds very promising. I liked Little Miss Sunshine a lot, and I tend to love that kind of black comedy. It's an easy genre to get wrong, obviously, but it's also something where I suspect James will really shine. No information yet on what role he's going to play. There are some pictures of the studios here. I'll keep my eye on this blog, in case some James goodness trickles in that way.

So, two new projects that actually sound good! Unfortunately, it looks like Merlin and the Book of Beasts has been delayed and there's some other Merlin project going on instead. I have no idea why. I'm getting so many hits about Merlin, but have nothing new to report on it. It's a shame - the film sounds less and less promising, but James looked kinda awesome in that armor.

And last but not least, an awesome Daybreak, part II picspam. Obviously major spoilers for those who haven't seen the finale. The most central dialogue is also transcribed on the page. Beautiful pictures - and lots of Gaius! James looks totally cute and endearing in that soldier's helmet.

And what do you know? Google blogsearch has finally found my blog as a "related" blog for a James Callis search. Maybe I should stop complaining about it in every post now. We'll see.


kixxa said...

Is there anything better than a busy James? Hoping he gets even busier!!


Deniselle said...

I thought for a moment you were saying "bushier"... But yes! I'm glad he's been keeping busy! :)

Hope he gets some non-villain roles in the US too!