Friday, June 5, 2009

A Baby Girl For James Callis!

I've had quite a few "James Callis baby" searches, but I haven't wanted to comment on this too much until James himself posts something.

So without further ado, the post:

thought I'd drop in and tell you
yes we have a baby girl - and her name is Anika-

very exciting and sleepless nights in the suburbs

she didn't come while I was at Fedcon - but were told she might - as it happens - she arrived on the weekend nicely slotted between two days of filming either side.
Awww! Congratulations to James and Neha, as well as big brothers Joshua and Sacha! Great news!

I thought I wouldn't react that strongly since I already read the news some weeks ago, but just reading James talk about it and seeing the name and everything... I am crying. I'm just so happy.

Incidentally, I've been spotting Indian babies left and right lately, and one with soo much thick hair especially springs to mind. It really looked like a spawn of James.

Shawn Mullins has a song called Shimmer which I've been listening to and thinking of the baby, so I'll share the lyrics here. I'm paraphrasing, since the baby in the song is a boy, but it applies just as well to a girl. There's a live clip of the song here.

Sharing with us what she knows
Her shining eyes are big and blue
And all around her water flows
The world to her is new

To touch a face
To kiss a smile
The new eyes see no race
The essence of a child

She's born to shimmer
She's born to shine
She's born to radiate
She's born to live
She's born to love
But we will teach her how to hate

There's something very touching to me about James having children, and I guess some of it is just that he happens to be my idol. But I think when a person with true wisdom and warmth has children, you know that they will be loved and taught to respect life and other people. James shimmers, and I think his children will too.

A long life to little Anika Callis - sniff!! - and all the best to the whole family!


Wesoly said...

Hey, D! The move went well, and I finally have internet! Woo hoo!

Congrats to James on the baby girl! Awww!


Deniselle said...

Yay! Welcome back! :)

Coming to think of it, I dreamt he named the baby Heidi Ann Ann-Catherine Callis, so I got the An- part right :D and since it appears in the dream twice, this totally means I am psychic.

I'm a bit disappoitned he didn't go for Deniselle, of course.. or Donutella :(