Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick Linkies

So, I finally got myself a LiveJournal account: Deniselle's Droolateria. Basically, I don't know how much I'm going to post, but the BSG icons are so awesome! I might post some random rambly fan stuff there, but all big news and updates will still be here. If you're on LJ and want to add me, feel free! My entries are so far all public. LJ doesn't show up as much in Google searches though, so maybe I should start saying all the creepy stalkerish stuff there and keep this blog to the mature, calm analyses. This blog for stuff I'm actually proud of and LJ for belly pix and donut drool puddles. Probably things will go on as before though. We'll see.

Slightly more James related: has made some awesome interviews, sadly not with James, but he was mentioned in two of them.

Alessandro Juliani on working with James:

...working with James is a constant exercise in concentration -- not to crack up, because he's truly mad in the best sense of the word. Maybe we should go back to that question. I'll try to think of an anecdote or two if I can. Nothing specific is coming to mind. Needless to say we had a great chemistry together. We enjoyed
each other's company and we always had a good time working together.
It's not hard to get that impression of James even in interviews and stuff. He's just a bit creatively insane!

Michael Nankin on James:

Well I was going to say he might be the smartest actor I've ever met but he might be one of the smartest men I've ever met. I've had more intellectually stimulating conversations with him when he was drunk than with most people sober. Yeah, he's amazing.

*fangirl gushes*!! It really feels good to read how warmly everyone speaks of James. Does he have any enemies or anyone who, like, doesn't like him? I'm not saying he's a saint or anything, but...

I'm giggling a bit though, because I remember that Roundtable podcast when James got so drunk that he was... well, philosophical but totally impossible to follow. "Scientists have said that life won't be sustained on this Earth forever, so... um..." and something else in that vein. Everyone else was like "Oh my god". It'd be interesting to do a drunken interview of him and see what kind of stuff would come up.

I'm preparing a transcript of this interview, but I'll link to it before I lose it again: Sci Fi France interviewed James during the Jules Verne thing, and he was so adorable. The interviewer is a bit bumbling and doesn't seem to trust her own English, and James shows great kindness and patience. He is awesome.

And to add to my fangirl high, Martin from Views of Teamwak posted that on the final day of shooting Re-Uniting the Rubins, James brought everyone champagne and chocolates! I know that champagne is the more expensive item, but I love chocolate so much that it's just a joy to see James and chocolate even mentioned in the same context. And - he is awesome! That bears repeating.

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