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Happy Birthday James Callis!

A birthday picture I made all by myself, with the help of my loyal (?!) pet snail Shukla (who was supposed to eat the flower, but I don't think she got what it was...) But there's a dandelion for your bday and I hope you don't find snails gross or anything.

OK, so I don't have anything super special planned, and I'm a day early, but I'm having a good day and trying to delay going to work for as long as possible (everybody wants to take a phone survey in the summer). So I will post this today.

Merlin: Haven't seen it yet, apart from the first 30 minutes. Lots of people are laughing at it, including at James' voice and accent, and after seeing a bit, I'm relieved. It's really not that bad. It's for the kids and the first scene is pretty silly, but the James bits aren't bad at all. He speaks in a Welsh accent, and I understand him pretty well, so I might wanna transcribe some of it for those interested (even for mocking purposes). Obviously it's a made for tv movie, so it can't be a super budget blockbuster. Let's cut it some slack, eh?

So here's my little birthday special... Firstly, my descent into fangirlish madness, as it happened before I started this blog. And then a look at James' messages over the years at the unofficial website.

How I Became a Slobbering Fangirl, by Deniselle (sexiest parts censored out, sorry!)

June 2008

(Anttila Top Ten Megastore, DVD section)
Oh, so this is that show my friend wouldn't stop talking about? Battlestar Galactica. 19,99. That's not a bad price. The cover looks pretty lame though. Hot blonde in a red dress? Yeah, I'll love this *eye-roll*. Well, whatever, I have the extra cash.

(The DVD lies in wait for about three weeks.) It's raining again and I might as well watch something new - OK, Galactica, I'm giving you a chance, but I will probably hate you.

JAMES CALLIS. Such a cute rhymey name. (Was that Sackhoff or Hoffsack? And Tahmoh Penikett?! This be the show of exotic names.)

The blonde must be the bad guy, because she's obviously about to do something evil here. Yup, snapped a baby's neck. Knew it. She is pretty though.

OK, she's REALLY pretty. And hot. And so is this guy.

Gaius Baltar is fascinating! He's such a weasel, yet I can't help but love him. So full of arrogance and guilt and despair - and lust. So hot. Who's playing this guy? Why hello JAMES CALLIS, we meet again.

Baltar! How can I find a MAN so sexy? Hey hormones! This guy has a PENIS! Think about it. Wow, even that made me hot. Worst. Lesbian. Ever.

Can't sleep. Must think of Baltar and Six.

Convinced girlfriend to watch the miniseries. She's reluctant; she doesn't think she'll like it. "What about just the Baltar bits? They're hot!" She agrees to download the miniseries. Is captivated by Baltar and Six.

July 2008

(Brother's house, catsitting. He has an ENORMOUS TV which really does the BSG visuals justice!)
Bought season three, watching it. Rewatching seasons one and two with girlfriend. My files are DVDs, hers are downloaded, so there are some time differences. Our rendezvous point is NICKI CLYNE. I eat, sleep and breathe Battlestar Galactica. I'm an addict. So is my girlfriend - I never thought she'd get this into the show. We barely talk about anything else.

Can't sleep. Must think of Baltar and Six and D'Anna.

So. Gaius Baltar fascinates me, and I love the acting choices here. But do I really want to know more about this James Callis character? He's probably an arrogant prick and some of the magic will be gone. Look how much arrogance he brings to Baltar. It's probably mostly his own.

(Galactica Quorum interview) ...He...sounds...nothing at all like Gaius. He sounds...warm and friendly? Funny and witty? ...I think I like him. A lot. I'll listen to this again.

No. No no no no no. I will not be a fan again. All the expectation, excitement, disappointments - it takes so much mental energy. I'm too old for this! Just no. Heart, I command you to stop.

(Sci Fi Q&A's)
I really like his humor. It's natural and bubbly, friendly... it's not lame or childish or sleazy. He's just naturally funny. I... *morphs into fangirl* *slaps self* NO! Stop this! I'll go do something totally not James Callis-related. Like rewatch Six and Gaius have sex.

(lurking at the Unofficial Website) Awww, he writes to the fans? Such a nice guy! He really sounds genuinely warm and modest. I... *morphs into fangirl* *unable to morph back* James-chan wa kawaiii!!! xD xD

I'm making myself vulnerable. There's no way of knowing what he thinks of things. He might be against everything I'm for, and for everything I'm against, and I'll be crushed. But what can I do? I just love him so much. I am a fan. The die is cast.

August 2008
Dammit, I'm starting a blog about him. Who knows, maybe James will even read it himself? Heh heh. -Oh my GOD, maybe he WILL read it. Maybe I should reconsider.

There are probably dozens of similar blogs already and I'll only make a fool of myself. ...can't find any... can't find any... Why can't I post in forums or get to know some people first? It might be odd that I start a blog first thing. Well, that's just me. I start blogs.

No one's going to read this blog. It'll be childish and fangirlish and stupid and I MUST TELL THE WORLD HOW MUCH I LOVE JAMES CALLIS. *Creates blog*

The rest is history. The first few posts were a bit careful and probing, but I've had so much fun writing this blog and meeting all the people I've met thru it. What can I say? Almost a full year as a fangirl, and only one disappointment. Honestly, if this guy has any flaws you know of, please report them to me. I'm still looking for them. I know I probably put him on a pedestal, but maybe he's just perfect?

I wasn't eager to become a fan, because it takes so much mental energy, but to be honest, weighing everything I've gotten out of this vs. everything I've lost - which is mainly time spent writing this blog - it's really a pretty good deal. I'm glad I wasn't able to resist the pull. I may be silly, slobbery and lame, but loving him has given me something positive during depression, and some great new friends. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much, James. :*

I thought I'd also take a look thru the years with James' Messages to fans at the Unofficial website. The first ones are from ten years ago, 1999. It's strange to think of. Do take a look around, but I'll just quote a couple of particularly funny/heartwarming bits I've found.

From the first message (entitled Gratitude'n'Thanx):

Thank-you so much for all the time you have put in to make this website so much fun for me to navigate my way around, I can only hope you hardcore lupines don't get too lonely, and that this virtual candle doesn't get snuffed out by web-malaise, or the fact there may be ever decreasing numbers of you to talk too...

It's so nice of him to stop by and talk to the fans, although you can tell that he's unsure if the site will go on, or if the fans will continue to be interested in him. (What's "web-malaise"?) A little confidence, James? If people care enough to make a website, they generally don't give you up after a few months.

P.S: I WOULDN'T SUBJECT MY WORST ENEMY TO 10 HOURS OF SOLDIER SOLDIER (dubbed "Sailor Sailor", by the time I was in it).

Bwah! Having seen one episode of the show - ok, the James-parts only -, I can say he's probably not exaggerating. It's... not a good show. At all. In fact, it's a terrible, terrible show and possibly the worst he's ever been involved in. It's good for a laugh, but ... actually it's not even good for that. Skip it.

Message two, with some more self-deprecation going on:

Back from Instanbul, having gone bezerky out in Turkey, to find that you're all still here... quelle surprise...

Why would they have abandoned the site, especially after he sent them a message? ..."bezerky out in Turkey"? Is he one of those guys who thinks of an annoying pun of any place he visits? What's your Finland pun, James?

He was reading The Flight of the Falcon around that time. It's strange that I just heard it. They were also still working on Beginner's Luck.
P.S: I checked out the mailing list and found that you were planning to get something "functional for me for XCrimbo". All I can say is that it is the thought that counts and don't waste your hard-earned dough on me... I will never appear in any advert whatever where I have to turn to camera and declare simperingly "Because I'm worth it!"... I'm so not...

Oh, James! He sounds mortified at the thought of the fans spending money on him. This is why I didn't try to think of something special for this birthday post, because if he's still of the same mind and he still reads fan sites, he might just be embarrassed.

Message 3 - I won't quote every single one, but bear with me - is just a warm and fuzzy praise to all the fans.

I kind of feel that I know you (the hard coreres - and you know who you are...). I have read through the message board and travelled with you since late October, I have been party to practically all the goss.... I have smiled at the thought of all of you meeting up, because I believe you make quite a witty and boisterous posse... I have read with worry about too much work, inane boredom and job losses, only to be heartened by job creations and the end of the flu...
I wonder how James feels now that he has more fans and less time on his hands - does he still find the time to travel with us?

I think we got some great footage for "Beginner's Luck", hopefully by the time it is completed we won't have changed the title to "jaded old hands"... because let me tell you, darlings, quite frankly filming can be a joy but editing is a soul-destroying nighmare, and we have been editing for well on 6 months, and every weekend doing more filming, such is the lot of a independent (low budget) producer.
Sadly, this feeling did come thru in the film somewhat. But I hope it at least made for some happy memories for him.

Message 5 - James had been burgled and his laptop taken. I wonder if the burglars realized it was the laptop of a famous actor? (Well, maybe he wasn't particularly famous at the time, but still.)

The insurance company still haven't reimbursed me for the laptop... but insist on sending fatuous missives inquiring as to what I "specifically" use my pc for... shall I write back and tell them it's so I can tune into this sight? Somehow I don't think it's going to do me any favours...
Hee! "I use it to check my own fansites." I don't really get why he had to explain to them what he uses it for. Isn't that his own business?

Message 6, March 2000:

as Rikkie suggests, if confined solely to matters concerning moi, there really wouldn't be all that much to talk about and I sincerely doubt many such surfers as myself would enjoy tuning in half so much if we couldn't find out what all of you are like... if you know what I mean... So I say, keep the chat alive... whatever, it is the spreading of ideas that is constantly changing the world, in no matter how minute a fashion (let's hope for the better!).

It's noticeable that at this point, he still wasn't using a lot of dashes. There's more "...". Later on, the dashes took hold of him, and nothing was ever the same again. He became a superhero known as - The Dash.

I feel a bit bad that I haven't posted more in the forum. But I express myself through blogs, and I'm not really a forum type. The problem with the current fanbase is that it's scattered around the net. Some of it is on LiveJournal, some is on twitter - mostly in private accounts, but for those interested, myself, kixxa and Elina have public accounts - and some still on their own blogs and websites, appearing only when they've just met James at a con or something. I have dozens of regular readers that never seem to pop up anywhere. The internet has reached wider, and smaller communities have emerged. It's good that there are lurkers who may be too shy or just too busy to post, but sometimes I feel we lack a common forum. Maybe we should bring new life to the JC website. It sounds like it was a great place to hang out once.

James' situation has also changed. He used to write to fans every month, going by this page. But the fact that he still writes about every three months, with kids and a much busier career, speaks of his ongoing devotion. Much appreciated, James.

On Bridget Jones' Diary:

I have just been cast in the film of none other than Bridget Jones's Diary... but before you get too exited, I'm playing her best friend Tom... that's right the one who bats ever so convincingly for alter side, and filming started yesterday, seeing me (not quite sure if you will as was in back of shot mostly... again t.g) dancing my soul away with some enormous male escorts.... this one's certainly going to be a voyage of discovery, so I will be coming to a cinema near you, but probably not how you expected to see me, certainly I suspected nothing of the kind....

Well, it is a role where you play a gay guy, so maybe some gay dancing was expected? :D He sounds amusingly mortified. I will probably never understand heterosexual men's attitude on this issue, but it amuses me a lot.

More on the film:

there is of course another storyline that is whipped up every day, impromptu like, by myself and the other delightful lesser mortals whom malign fate has called upon to be B's "friends", as we sit in the spooky caravans and dream of one day getting onto the set, and perhaps (and I know this is crazy) that someone might make a mistake and we might actually end up in the film after all, but at the moment the caravan storyline isn't being shot.

Yeah, they didn't have much to do in the film, did they? It's a shame, because Tom is a pretty awesome character in the book. It sounds like he had fun with the other cast members though, and became somewhat known in the stewardess circles... I can just see them sitting in the trailer smoking and talking about what could be.

BL obviously exhausted him totally, as the next notes are a bit low in tone. Especially this one:

I've recently moved and the guy who lives above me is in severe need of having his stereo system shoved up his arse. What else? Bought a bicycle, fascinating, fascinating. Work wise I have just made the briefest of appearances in a tv show called AS IF and am currently filming Victoria and Albert (playing Albert's brother Ernest) I say practically nothing and I look... well I'm just hoping you all miss it and then maybe this website may stay running a bit longer than it would... Got in himmel wast else?

He still manages to be funny though. Incidentally, if you want to see how he looked in Victoria and Albert, see here. It's not that bad! It's just... an old-style hairdo?

There are quite a few notes on Beginner's Luck- excited ones, as the film got screenings at various places. The hard work was rewarded. I feel a bit bad reading these, because I wasn't able to like BL very much. I thought I could see what James was going for there, but I couldn't. I felt more distant to him rather than closer, which was disappointing. But it's not who James is, rather who he was ten years ago, right? Or maybe I just don't know him very well. I'm disappointed in myself as a fan. I wanted to like the film that meant so much to him. Oh well.

As for As If:

It's Saturday morning. I got back from Delhi (note no beaches!!) a few days ago and cringed my way through As If AAARGHHHH!!

Heh heh. I've seen the ep, and it was... well... It's not a bad performance and his chest hair can be seen in a scene, so... Well, I can't seem to stop laughing right now, heh heh heh heh. Hee. OK.

Some notes from a longer message:

Is there a sequel? Apparently Renee's been approached and so has Kate Winslet... sadly I have not been approached as yet, but maybe they'd like me to take over from where Hugh left off (As if)

I wish. He would have done a much better job too.

It's a weird thing but when you play a character especially on a t.v / film set people kind of think you are the character, when I was playing an idiot in Zimbabwe, the unit treated me like an idiot, doing B.J.D everyone naturally assumed I was gay, I told them I was married, they thought it was a ruse - Hugh in particular was quite stunned when towards the end of filming he found out I was "straight".

It's so odd that even film people think like that. And yes, like I mentioned above, I did think he'd be an arrogant prick after seeing him as Gaius. I can't say I like Hugh Grant more after reading about his treatment of James on the BJD set. (Homophobic a-hole. Ahem.)

This cracked me up:

And spotted in the King's Road? What can I say? I was there, I'm not sure how sexy the jacket was or how yummy I was, just been to the doc, mandatory check-up every time you do a job for insurance purposes. It was the quickest check up in world history.

I'm asking myself would I pinch someone's bottom if I'd seen them on T.V. It's certainly a novel way of introducing yourself.

Bwah! I'm sure he was totally yummy - but I still wouldn't pinch his ass. I'm much too shy for that kind of thing. (He can pinch mine anytime, though.)

The meaning of lupines:

So "Lupines?" Yes wolflike also applicable is "Vulpines" which is really wolflike the former referring to a canine genus (not necessarily a wolf, but in this case as mentioned ok etc.etc.)

Thank you, Professor James. It always makes me think of these flowers though.

On a more serious note, James' reactions to 9-11:

Building structures takes real work, real commitment to the future:- hospitals, schools; Diplomacy not bomb-making is a truer test of reaching out of your own circle to touch the lives of others and universally improve your (plural) lot...

So these madmen who claim to uphold the rights and respects of several communities whom we know not of, uphold only the enormous vanity of wanting their unspeakable names to go down in History for this atrocity

So far, I agree completely. Doing good is much harder, and has more far-reaching consequences, than destroying life.

Their claims to be freedom fighters, or fighters for conscience, are completely counterfeit. The people who they claim to support will only find misery and terror from their slight association with these animals and I hope that those responsible are hunted down like rats, for they have shown no mercy and no humanity.

Who knows whether there will be justice or vengeance or both. The Free World has been attacked and it must retaliate and no one is any position to dictate to the U.S on what kind of scale this retribution will take place.

That's interesting. Is that a pro-war sentiment he's expressing here? I know this is immediately after (the 13th), so maybe it shouldn't be read as a comment that all actions of the US after the attack were acceptable. So many innocent people suffered as a result of this that it takes away any "God Bless America" mentality I might have had. Yes, it was shocking and I'm sure most western people were devastated, but the US certainly got their revenge, and then some.

A very rambly message from India:

It may not feel like it, normally quite the contrary but "Everything in life is an opportunity", that's all I will say You'll have to forgive me all but I have been reading "Thus Spake Zarathrustra" and it's quite an eye-opener.

Actually, this whole message reads more like "thus spake marijuana", but whatever you say...

So vast else? Lots of curry and seeing family I haven't seen since last year. and that really is about it. I'm writing (have written) a screenplay and am now in the process of re-draughting (actually re-thinking since new thoughts haven't as yet crystalized into words on the page as yet).

Hmmm? I wonder what this project is, and if we'll ever see it. It's "was", by the way, if you're going for German, James. :P Edit: Artemis_Neith suggested it might be Yiddish. So maybe I'm teasing him for no reason.

P.S Spell checker is being tempramental and taking an ffing eon to load so sod it, please accept this mail as it appears illiterally on your screen.

Hee! :D Like I said, it sounds like a particularly incoherent message as a whole. Somehow he gets very loveable like this. The message did literally appear on my screen though, despite the temperament of the spell checker.

Having fun partying while shooting Helen of Troy, but not so much fun looking like Menelaus:

So I'm not sure what it will look like, but have no fear cos they really made me look foul in this one! For the first month and a half several of the other actors would enquire why, when I had nice hair, I was wearing a wig? I was 2 furious to reply that I wasn't!!! Hair and make up vis/ Kiss o'death! Any how mustn't grumble.

Yeah, the hair was... interesting... :D I still haven't managed to see the whole film, but it's amusing indeed to see how he looked.

The origin of Callis:

One branch of the family were called Zlychevski or Zolachoffski (no-one is quite sure) However I looked up the name in the Diaspora museum in Tel Aviv and Believe my name " Callis" actually comes from the Polish KALLISHT and means something like ... wait for it.... "Lime Picker" I kid u not! Sadly no aristocracy in these bones of mine.

Bwah! Lime Picker! And James comes from Jacob. So... Jacob the Lime Picker? That sounds like a great children's show. Thank god he ended up a Callis and not a ... Zlychevski? That would have taken me ages to learn to spell!

Damn, I have to get to work now... I realize this message is pretty long as it is, so I'll just post it. I might add to it (still got five years of messages to get thru!) but maybe it's good as it is.

I LOVE YOU JAMES! I hope you continue to have a dazzling career and blip in to say hi to the fans every now and then. Please chronicle all future film roles, donut-induced weight gains and terrible puns you can think of. *GIGANTIC FANGIRL HUG*

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