Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Evening With James Callis - an All-James Con!

On September 12th, there will be a BSG con in Bonn, Germany. James will be the only guest. *gush!*

This is to make up for his early departure from FedCon Germany. It's one evening with a Q&A, photo op, autographs and a party afterwards that James might also attend.

More information here at Battlestar Blog.

This will be a much smaller thing, and while there may not be as many reports as usual, the fans who go might have more of a chance to talk to him. I will keep an eye on the reports. I probably won't be going myself, but the situation might still change.

Either way, I'm really psyched about this. A con with just James! JamesCon! Or CallisCon? ChesthairFury. Entrance fee includes one free chest hair. Only it should last a week, and have only one guest - me. Then it'd be like a dream come true.

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