Tuesday, June 30, 2009

James Callis is... Hat Man!

A.k.a. I started summer holiday today and am posting this completely brain-free post just to celebrate it. Bear with me, I just worked seven days in a row.

(Warning: If you don't want the Batman theme stuck in your head, stop reading now.)

Hat man!

Doo doo! Hat man!

Hat maan!

(above screenshots by kixxa, posts here, here and here.

Hat man! Doo doo!

Hat man, hat man, hat man!

Hat maaan!
(screenshot and alpaca pic by M)

Post by: Hat Girl! Doo doo!

Da da da da da da - Hat giiirl!

Thank you. Posts with more content coming soon :D


Elina said...

Lol, your best post ever! :D :D Must be the heatwave.

The turban is so hot on him! You look so cute too, the wide-brimmed one was better. Very summery.

Deniselle said...

Yeah, I was tired. I had just worked for seven days. :D Well, I've got some brainier stuff coming, I promise!

The wide-brimmed hat is the new Hat. Actually, it's the one that was stolen. I just bought a new identical one. :D It's very good for the heat!

Deniselle said...

And thanks for the compliment! ;)

Isn't there a story from the shoot of One Night With the King that someone had a big hat and James said, "When they said put the kettle on, they didn't mean on the top of your head!" I can't remember offhand where it's from... But maybe he shouldn't pass judgement wearing that thing.

My favorite is the alpaca hat, though. That one's a classic. He also wore it to Starfury.