Monday, July 6, 2009

Gaius Video and Screenshot Linkies

One of my favorite fan videos ever, bopradar's Clint Eastwood, is now on Youtube. See above or at this link.

I had heard the song (by Gorillaz), but wouldn't have thought to associate it with Baltar. The lyrics are just wacky and arrogant enough to fit him, and the edits and James' facial expressions are unusually well placed. I particularly like that it tells a chronological story, but still goes back to the first seasons in the end when applicable. All-around awesome.

Also check out kixxa's blog for beautiful Gaius screenshots from the Miniseries. Gaius' whole arc from the miniseries is captured in the shots. Also some patented Gaius experessions! Kixxa also posted lovely shots of bearded and huddling James (alpaca hat!) from the series lowdown.

Just a couple of linkies to brighten up my day, because I'm in a bad mood. Looking at Gaius always does the trick!

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