Saturday, July 11, 2009

James Callis Miscellanea

News: James will be at the San Diego Comic Con! He's signing autographs at the Official Pix booth from Friday through Sunday (July 24-26). 30 bucks per autograph. He hasn't been added to any of the panels, sadly, but I hope he still will be. James, do a panel! You're great at panels!

A set of photos from last year's Comic Con here. Beautiful James shots, and - naughty Six fantasy? Heee! Tricia's presence seems to affect James strongly!

A new James Callis fan twitter: James Callis Fansite! If you have meeting stories or photos, you can submit them there. His own story is pretty touching. He had burned his head and James was very concerned:

James Callis looked up. His facial expression turned from a smile to a look of bewilderment and he said, “My god man, what happened to your head, do you need medical attention?”

And then James let him talk for like ten minutes. *fan love and gushes* James is such a sweetheart!

EW Sci-Fi Hotties poll: James Callis! I'm proud he's in the poll. Frown and eye-roll to those who are commenting that he's short / doesn't look like Jamie Bamber. He's not supposed to look like Jamie Bamber. He's supposed to look like James Callis. Some of us love him just for that. James probably won't win the poll - he's at about 1 % - but I'm ridiculously glad he's in it. I'm not really bothered that he's not attractive to everyone, because that sort of makes him more special for us fans. I just wish people didn't butt in to say that they don't think he's attractive, as if the rest of us don't have a right to find him hot. Your taste is not the universal truth, people. (And yay for the Dennys Ilic WetJames pic!)

I've picked a picture for James to sign. It's this one from the awesome Baltar/Six picspam by Nicole Anell! It's completely crumpled and there's a surprise moustache in the lowest panel - I think my water bottle leaked. (checks) Actually, it's my Coke bottle, because there are brown stains on the other side. Fitting!

The reason I want him to sign this exact printout is that it's the copy I looked at the most when I was depressed. His smile in the third panel gave me hope. And it's my favorite Baltar/Six moment ever. I loved when Six emerged in the sweats and went in full-on nightmare-conscience mode. I'm not sure what it looks like when I bring the completely creased and crumpled piece of paper to him, but... it's authentic and personal at least?

I hope he doesn't ask me what I want him to write tho, because I can't think of anything. (Six's dress is red / Colonial uniforms are blue / donuts are sweet / and so are you? Actually that's pretty good :D)

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