Sunday, July 12, 2009

WTF: Plagiarism?

What the frak?! Someone's apparently already re-posted my latest "James Callis quote of the week" - in completely incomprehensible gibberish. I mean, look at this!

Or maybe I was just really high last night and actually wrote this:

From the dignified Onion AV Club talk. It’s from 2008, positively extended, and if you haven’t pore over it, pore over it right away every so customarily. In-depth, with extended James quotes, playing it cool pleasing.
Wow, I must be a lot more ill than I thought I was!

Also, I see the James quote is also nothing at all like I remembered:

And this man-it’s playing it cool, openly, reading it, I was like, Christ, this bloke is Gaius Baltar! He’s a ground. And he said, Stay nevertheless, everybody, you’ll be dainty, and playing it cool ran! He ran benefit of his nourishment, without any of the kids who he’s presumed to be looking after.
"Playing it cool" seems to be a phrase James uses a lot - how weird that I never noticed.

Yet this must be by me, right? It even has my name on it:

I nevertheless about that awarding is an dignified means of thinking albeit.
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OK, so wtf is going on here? Does anybody know? Is this some bot that has translated my post into gibberish and added random links to other things?

If you want to plagiarize, why would you use my name and my blog's name?

What the FRAK?


kixxa said...

Complete gibberish! Yet these shadowy spam-bots get top marks for using the right 'pore'. So many times I see people pouring over books, and that conjures up images I'd rather not conjure up.


Deniselle said...

Well, if you don't know the word "read", you might as well know your pores from your pours! :D

Elina said...

You know, maybe you should take it as a compliment - you're so big that you're getting plagiarized! Even if it's only a bot. :D

Deniselle said...

Yes! :D I am the queen of the bots! I rule the blogosphere!