Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Pursuit Delange - Video Clip! part 2

Edited to add: OMG, he put up the audition tape for Robert Portal who plays opposite James in the film. This is awesome! Watch James struggle to not crack up. And then he eventually does. Portal's reading is really hilarious, and I love seeing how focused James looks there. He's not doing a lot of twitchy stuff like usual - it's obviously very here in the moment, being Pursuit.

You spoil us, Mr Webster! (see his comment at the foot of the post - I won't repeat it as it's the top post this time.)

Old post:
More news from Howard Webster!

"As promised - an update on Meet Pursuit Delange for James Callis fans.

The official movie trailer (no men's bums in this one so you can take your fingers away from your eyes) is now online - here's the link...

Howard Webster"

LMAO!!! (I may have mentioned men's bums can, well, bum me out.) Thank you so much :D

Edit: Oh wait - this is the same clip I just embedded. Very funny! :D You can see it in the link, or below:

A new clip from the movie. I'm loving this. It's one of the funniest, most poignant things James has done. There are so many little things here - James' huddled posture and naïvely meek comments for instance (Dalai Lama? Bwah!), or Charles' devilish look. Great writing, great acting. I've cracked up at every scene and outtake I've seen (yes, even the trailer after I got past the initial shock). It's a bit gross-out, but I don't think that ruins the brilliance of the dialogue and the characters.

I see they've chosen to use a really tall actor for the roommate Jonty. (I keep hearing John T., but maybe it's just the British way of emphasizing the t's?)

Here's another clip I loved:

"It was certainly food for thought. I knew that for the rest of the day, my mind would be filled with personal mission statements, Campari-fueled incontinence nightmares, and cocerns about badly wired home appliances."

If that's not brilliant, I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys...thanks for the kind comments about Pursuit. James is brilliant in this.

Here a little fact - Bertie (Robert) Portal went to school with James - Harrow. They have some great chemistry.

As a treat for you all - I've posted the original casting session for Bertie with James...we knew within second that this was a marriage made in heaven - as you will see from the casting session James (and I - I'm the ghostly voice shouting ACTION) could barely get through the dialogue with Bertie reading it.

Bertie - has got really fit since then (he's rowing the Atlantic) and now looks like the Brit version of Robert Downey Jnr - he is in that league as an actor too. I think he will become a huge star once we've got the movie done.

Here's the link - enjoy!

Deniselle said...

Oh, that is awesome! :D Thank you so much for all the clips. I probably won't be able to see it and I'm not the only one, so it's great to have all this material. James talked about this last year like he particularly liked this project, so it's nice to see how it works.

I love how you guys crack up at the Campari chasers thing (one of my favorite bits). Portal seems to have a great skill of NOT cracking up.

James is brilliant in everything. ;) It's fun to see him do this meek mousy little guy, it's a bit different from his other roles.

Deniselle said...

I guess they're playing old school mates as well? It's so cool you found someone who actually went to school with James. :D

Oh, I feel like I'm doing nothing but gushing. (But that's what I do best!)

Robyn E. Kenealy said...

Yay! I so can't wait to see this film! It looks right up my angsty, angsty alley.

And knowledge about whether or not it will screen here in New Zealand?