Thursday, February 4, 2010

Administrary Blurb

Unrelated James image. Well, he is saluting the readers or something. Yeah, it's totally related.

I felt like making a sort of "beginning of the year" administrative post. Hi people, we got through January safe and sound. We'll see what this month brings!
News: Umm. Re-Uniting the Rubins has been pushed back til spring, it seems, but rest assured that when it comes out, I will get it in my hands somehow and blog about it.

The truth is, I have no idea what James is doing this year. I haven't heard of any projects or con appearances. I'm hoping he'll still be added to various con lineups, and of course I'm always on the lookout for new projects. There will be news once they're out on the internet. Since I have no contact with James or anyone who works for him, I unfortunately can't publish anything exclusive.

However, if you're out of gushes and need your fix, there's still plenty of material. I have some old stuff to blog about that I have been putting off, what with so many appearances last year. There are his old projects, some old transcripts, and I still haven't made a proper Jules Verne Awards post! So this blog will not have a hiatus, no matter what. I'm also posting LJ community stuff here, at least temporarily, since LiveJournal is refusing to cooperate with me. It's all James/Tricia photos and recaps, so it's on topic.

Lots of BSG communities and sites are now becoming Caprica communities and sites. I'm going to keep this blog very much James Callis-related, with some BSG thrown in. The show is over for me, with my beloved characters coming to the end of their arcs (and I don't mean only Baltar). I'm not ready to engage in a new show and its characters simply because of the same canon. So at least for now, no Caprica here.

I'm going to make a post about James' HAIR, which really deserves to be capitalized. But before that, the Hair Poll has been extended. In case you don't know what "Long like Sex&Chips" looks like, look here. Yes, it may be extensions - I almost spelled that "sextensions"! - but at least to me, it looks great. (As you may deduce from that Freudian slip.)

There's also a new poll regarding the Twitter sidebar. Twitter started out as a simple way to post James links and other fun stuff, but I realize it's become increasingly about me, myself and I. Since this is a James blog, you might not all be utterly fascinated by me. Plus half the time I post something about James, it's a direct link here: "I blogged this and that". I could start talking more about James and finding related links, or I could just remove it from the sidebar if people feel it's a bit superfluous. So let me know what you think.

Speaking of me, myself and I: If you use Facebook and want to add me, I'm in as Deniselle Baltar. (I know, but I thought they wouldn't allow me if I don't use SOME last name.) The account is personal, not a James fan/blog account. I'll add you if I know you (or send me a personal message and let me know who you are). There are a couple of James fan communities on Facebook and they don't seem particularly active, but who knows what would happen if more people joined?

The blog's Youtube account: I'm still favoriting James videos, but when Youtube reinvented itself somehow some months ago, it lost all of my old playlists. I'm going to work on recollecting the videos I had - mostly old James panels/interviews and such stuff. If it lets me make playlists of things I haven't added myself.

I must admit I did have an idea of doing podcasts. It might have been fun. But apparently my webcam makes GINORMOUS videos that take up a lot of space, yet aren't that good with the image and audio quality. So eh, maybe we forget about that idea. It would have been nice to have a voice online, literally, but maybe it's not so essential, as I don't have much else to report than my usual James ponderings. (I could have made an extended series of My Autograph, which would have featured kissing the autograph, talking to it, and crying. Just kidding. Kind of.)

Also, I feel like I haven't been silly in ages, so I might post something totally silly sometime soon. Or not. We'll see if the mood strikes... ;)

"Silly? Oh my... giddy aunt!"


Elina said...

I'm still waiting for photos of the James shrine I saw at your home. Did you think I didn't see it?

Deniselle said...

Shhh! I thought I hid it so well under the "nonchalant" stack of papers in the corner. Was it the blinking lights that gave me away? :D