Sunday, June 6, 2010

Extremely Random James Callis Pictures.

OK, so I just posted a big "sexy picspam", and then I realized I have so many James pictures I never posted before,that I could have posted. Let's correct that mistake by posting lots and lots in the same post - there can never be too much James beauty!

The uncredited ones are screenshots/promotional photos of Battlestar Galactica. The uncropped on-set photos are from the Last Days of BSG video, by Dennys Ilic. You can watch it here. And no, I won't bother to crop them all at this point.

"An Evening With James Callis", Bonn, Germany 2009. Photos by René Kissien.

FedCon, Bonn, Germany 2009. Screenshots from the FedCon BSG DVD.

Jules Verne Festival, Paris, France 2009. Photos by Olivia (jamie_girl5).

Screenshots from "Ruth Rendell Mysteries - Going Wrong" (1998).

Oh, AND:


Nicole Anell said...

Pretty happy James!!

*loves pics*

*puts that Ruth Rendell mystery on Netflix queue, oh my god*

Deniselle said...

Pretty happy?
Oh, pretty AND happy? Yes. (L)!

Oh, you should totally see that one! He's great in it - his first major role on TV!

Nicole Anell said...

Pretty AND happy, I meant! :DDD Probably should've been a comma in there.

Elina said...

OMG YES! Unbelievably hot! THANK YOU!!