Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Picspam, Because I Have No Self-Control.

I love this picture, BUT he looks like one of my supervisors at work in it! It bugs me every time I see this photo. Yet I feel like including it.

So, rewatching the Last days of bsg video... I noticed there were new bits! From James and Tricia shooting the final scene! O.o

Look at these adorable pictures of James hugging people. I could watch a 20-minute video with just this. (And I don't care how crappy the quality may be, because it's Youtube and not me. But awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gush!!!)

Also: dancing and jumping around again! :D

Baltar/HeadBaltar love from season 4 of BSG:

He keeps subtly changing expressions the whole time, especially as regular Baltar. It was hard to capture it all!

"She's a sexy lady." "Yes, and..?" "Hot?" "You slay me, you really do, Gaius."
Such a great scene. (L)!!!

Some more recent stuff - Sci Fi Wire interview, FlashForward.

How can he look so adorable in the hoodie? (L)!!!

And some more from season 4 of BSG, which I just acquired on DVD some time ago. It's all so new and exciting.

Not a fan of the Jesus beard but always a fan of his expressions. Here he's praying for the sick boy.
And caught in bed with a young acolyte first thing. Everyone seems to be taking it in stride. Hee!

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Nicole Anell said...

Hee, I'm glad you included that first picture despite your reaction to it, because I LOVE it!

And I love you for capturing all those hilarious faces in "Six of One". :DDD Mmm, another great Jamespam