Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going Wrong

I noticed this garnered interest in the earlier picspams, so I decided to make a little picspam of the show itself. This is from Ruth Rendell Mysteries, a 3-part episode called Going Wrong. James plays the main role as Guy Curran. I won't spoil the entire story, so I'm only using pictures from the first episode. It's not a typical whodunit type thing, but rather a psychological thriller about a guy whose obsession with a woman becomes destructive.

Long story short: teenaged Guy meets Leonora, who is rich while he's not. They steal stuff and get high together and fall in love, and then Leonora grows up to be a teacher and he grows up to be ... some sort of shady businessman. They no longer have anything in common, Guy has a new girlfriend but keeps expecting to get Leonora back, and Leonora is in love with someone else. Guy begins to go more and more nuts as the story goes on, and it's a very intriguing thing to watch. James does a great job here. Highly recommended for a fan. I also read the book, and it's very interesting - the show is a bit simplified like they tend to be, but a fairly faithful adaptation nonetheless. Guy has a strong need to show he can make it on his own and become something, and he needs Leonora to validate himself. I really felt for him, even if many of his actions are despicable or clueless or both. (Which is somewhat similar to Gaius Baltar - and yes, it's amusing about the names Guy/Gaius!)

Also, James is in basically every scene, and he does a lot with subtle expressions, which is (part of) why I love him. On a shallow note, his hair looks great, and although he's very skinny, I kind of find him really hot. But judge for yourselves.

His hair is blowing in the wind! He's on his way to meet Leonora again after a few years' break.

Kind of insecure here. A very James look. (L)!

My smoking fetish is SO happy about this show. He's smoking in practically every scene, and here we can see it in a closeup.
Then there are some flashbacks to how Leonora and Guy first met etc. Turns out he was a bad boy and she was drawn to that.
He doesn't look very bad tho, does he? He looks like he's not-so-secretly very sensitive. Bad mixed with kind - which is actually hotter than just plain bad .

Teenaged bad boy, showing what he stole. (I think it's some sort of pipe.)

In the buff with Leonora (Josephine Butler). They just cut to them lying naked like this. It's a tender scene, and somehow very beautiful.
This is from flashbacks where he's a seedy drug dealer all of a sudden. I must say that ponytail makes him look just as sleazy as I imagine a drug dealer looking. It's odd how much you can do with just hair.
That's one interesting-shaped ear. How so? I think I'll develop an ear fetish. :D

This is not really bromance. They're just high.

Back to the present: more smoking! He has a pretty colorful apartment.

I already posted two screenshots of this - a hot blue-tinted sex scene with Inday Ba. (According to IMDB, she died a few years ago. What? O.o She had great chemistry with James.)

Puny yet sexy. He goes shirtless quite a bit on this show.

Kind of predatorial here. He's seen her with another man, so he's ma-ad!

Oh, dear! Leonora has a new man? How can this be? If you promise to be together forever when you're 15, you're expected to keep that promise! (He only goes crazier from here on. But I won't spoil how.)

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