Wednesday, June 16, 2010

James Callis on Eureka: Full Name and Picture!

OK, news are trickling in pretty slowly - less than a month til the Eureka season 4 premiere, and we don't have a lot to go on. BUT: Eureka Unscripted (the writers blog) reveals the character's full name: Dr Charles Grant. So we have a first name! Sounds like a dignified kind of guy, doesn't it?

And here's the first cast picture with James! Wearing the same brown outfit he had in the promo, looking calm, gentlemanly and mild-mannered. We'll see if he acts that way on the show! Either way: he's looking very handsome indeed.

Also: in this post at Eureka Unscripted, there's a picture of James on set! He's not in character in this one, but rather "discussing character motivation" - I can imagine that's a long, detailed discussion. James looks adorably tiny in this photo, but then the producer is called "Sasquatch", so maybe he's gigantic? Also: James' hair looks like it's beginning to grow a little bit. Our hirsute man! :D (I love how his pants are just a little bit too long on him.)

I wasn't going to be excited about Eureka, but I'm ... getting more and more excited, I must admit. I'll be on vacation when it starts, so I'll have plenty of time to scrutinize his performance, hair, weight, and all other important aspects!

EDIT: OMG, I forgot to add this! Main actor Colin Ferguson gushes on James on Twitter:

James Callis is probably the nicest man on the planet.... He bought gifts for everyone for the break

What a sweetheart!!! (L) (L)

(Yes, I looked, and I'm really not sure based on these photos if he's the same, thinner or chubbier than in FlashForward. But he's looking damn good either way. Who knew brown suts him so well?)

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Nicole Anell said...

Getting more excited, and aww that tweet! He is a sweetheart.